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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Philocrites is signing off.

Chris Walton at the 2009 UUA General Assembly; photo by Nancy PierceIt's past time to announce the obvious: Philocrites is done, and I'm unlikely to revive it.

I've been blogging at since 2002, when I started posting essays I had written for various Unitarian Universalist email lists as hand-coded entries. When I started using Blogger in 2003 (here's an archived version), I started looking around for other Unitarian Universalist bloggers. It didn't take long before a bunch of us were in regular conversation and thinking of ourselves as "UU bloggers." Several of us worked together to launch Coffee Hour, a UU group blog, in 2004, and I was sorry to see it expire in 2005. (Dan Harper laments that many UUs have now opted for semi-public conversations at Facebook rather than in truly public forums, and I'm sorry that we didn't have the energy or foresight to transform Coffee Hour into something more like a social networking site using Ning or Drupal to keep those conversations out in the open.) Scott Wells helped me switch to Movable Type in the late summer of 2003, and I've stuck with that platform ever since.

I launched my Guide to UU Blogs in January 2004, and updated it for the last time five years later in January 2009. (Here's the earliest version of the guide, and here's the final version.) My apologies to all the bloggers who have recommended sites to me in the last year; is now the best place to promote your blog.

I'd like to thank several sites for bringing attention my way over the years, especially Holy Weblog!, the Yahoo! Guide to Religion Blogs (long dead), journalist Jeff Sharlet's The Revealer, Beliefnet's Blog Heaven (which has also expired), and Boston Globe religion reporter Michael Paulson's Articles of Faith. And, of course, thanks to Rob Corddry of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" for giving Philocrites two seconds of fame in a segment in March 2005.

Why am I officially signing off? As I announced almost two years ago, parenthood has consumed the time I used to dedicate to the reading and writing that my style of blogging required. And, in truth, the wind started going out of the sails here in late 2006 when I effectively took the helm at UU World. So I'm very belatedly getting around to saying what is only too obvious: It's time to say thank you and goodbye. I'm looking forward to finding other ways to write on my favorite themes, but I can't pretend that I'll ever find a way to write here the way I once did.

The site will remain intact, however. Below you'll find some of my favorite posts — the best of Philocrites, I hope. To my longtime readers and to everyone who commented here or responded to my posts on their own blogs, my gratitude and warmest regards. And to my fellow Unitarian Universalists, be bold enough to try new technologies that can help you share your liberal religion with others.

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