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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Life in blog heaven.

 Beliefnet Blog Heaven Observant readers will have noticed a box on the sidebar announcing that Philocrites is a member of Beliefnet's new Blog Heaven "Where Faith Blogs Go When They're Good." Blog Heaven currently tracks 26 of Beliefnet's favorite religion blogs from across the religious and political spectrum, pointing to the latest post at each blog and generally promoting each site. Way down at the bottom in the "Other Faiths" section, you'll see Philocrites.

How cool is that? I'm glad to see friends like Holy Weblog (my hero!), Father Jake Stops the World (another member of the Progressive Christian Blogger Network), and Dave's Mormon Inquiry up here in Valhalla, too. It's humbling, of course, to be included in a list that features big-media players like GetReligion (please, sir, can I have some more?), Andrew Sullivan (everybody's favorite gay neocon), and The Revealer (religion is so much weirder the more seriously you take it). But my lonely Unitarian Universalist self is led to a theological question as I type on my cloud-top computer and try to get acclimated: Could this really be heaven? After all, there are so few of us here, whereas Universalists have always argued that salvation is ultimately a gift to everyone. Hmm.

Beliefnet plans to introduce Blog Heaven next week with much fanfare, so long-time readers may notice a bit of knee-knocking as I try to get used to even more traffic around here. I'll be pointing people to the many fine offerings of the Unitarian Universalist Interdependent Web, of course, as well as the outstanding work of the Progressive Christian Blogger Network (permanent blogroll here). I hope you'll help me welcome all sorts of new visitors.

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Movin' on up!

But what happened to the link to Coffee Hour on your front page? Curious!

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