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Is there a torch in the new UUA logo?

Philocrites is signing off.

The election is over; time to plan the next one!

Summer 2009 issue of 'UU World' now available.

Vote to send preservation dollars to UU sites.

Psst, I'm preaching next week, not tomorrow.

Philocrites in the pulpit, April 29, King's Chapel.

'UU World' a finalist for Utne Independent Press Awards.

Harvard's Daniel McKanan on building liberal institutions.

Minns Lectures: Unitarian kinship with Judaism, Islam.

UUA Board meets in Boston, April 17-18.

Keeping comments open, if only briefly.

Spam, alas, brings comments to a halt.

Economic recession brings downsized UUA.

Audio of Spring UU World now available.

Officers' endorsements in the UUA presidential race.

Spring issue of UU World now available.

Knoxville gunman: 'I hope others do the same.'

Knoxville church shooter pleads guilty to 'hate crime.'

Let us now praise excellent commenters.

Recession hits Unitarian Universalist Association.

Purposes, purposes: Which ones really matter?

Deadline looms for churches wanting a vote at GA.

Desert island blogs: Your top 10 UU blogs.

Latest updates to my Guide to UU Blogs.

Guide to Unitarian Universalist blogs.

Megachurch pastor: UUs just don't do transformation.

Oops! Sinkford not first black president of white church.

New 'UU World': Hallelujah, endurance, dinner, Adlai.

Obama's election a proud moment for all Americans.

WordPerfect dollars for and against Proposition 8.

The Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi, John McCain connection.

October 15: Last day to register to vote in Massachusetts.

Insightful observations about Gov Sarah Palin.

UUA presidential candidates at Oct. regional conference.

UUA Board meets in Boston, October 17-19.

New and improved Principles and Purposes?

Barack Obama's acceptance speech in Denver.

Al Gore's Democratic Nat'l Convention speech.

John Kerry's speech at Democratic Nat'l Convention.

Gov Brian Schweitzer at Democratic Nat'l Convention.

Bill Clinton's speech at Democratic Nat'l Convention.

Michelle Obama's speech at Democratic Nat'l Convention.

Comedy Central wants me to revive my Romney revulsion.

Murder in Knoxville school; UU minister responds.

New 'UU World': Covenants, mensches, GA, anxiety.

Rick Warren, newly ascended establishmentarian.

UUA publishes resources for bloggers.

Martin Marty leaves 'Century'; Joyner quits 'HDS Bulletin.'

Video of Knoxville UU church's rededication service.

Ah, Italy as the Transcendentalists saw it!

Boston Globe: Knoxville shootings rattle UUs.

First-person accounts of Knoxville church shooting.

Updates on Knoxville church shooting.

Police: Gunman's hostility to liberalism key motive.

UUA sets up blog for Knoxville condolences.

Gunman's ex-wife had been member of Knoxville church.

Police chief: Gunman targeted UUs for 'liberal stance.'

Second Knoxville victim dies; gunman left 'manifesto.'

Gunman opens fire in Knoxville UU church; 1 dead.

2009 UUA presidential election resources.

Globe religion reporter launches Articles of Faith blog.

Red Sox: 'Support the Wally program with Wallies.'

My 10 lb 4 oz excuse for skipping General Assembly.

New 'UU World': Paradise, Sources cantata, counting UUs.

When lolcats light a chalice.

JK Rowling at Harvard on failure, imagination.

Philocritot's birth refutes Nat'l Geographic redhead scare.

'UU World' announces Boston internship program.

Ric Masten, UU 'troubadour,' dies at 78.

More from Paul Rasor on 'prophetic nonviolence.'

UUA, UUSC raise funds for Burmese cyclone victims.

Latest updates to my Guide to UU Blogs.

Do you have a Unitarian Universalist blog?

My favorite time of the year.

YRUU's transformation continues.

Kinja to pull plug on UU Blogs Digest next week.

Harvard Div School names first Emerson UUA professor.

Watch 'Actions of Immediate Witness' hatch online.

This week in Unitarian Universalist contrarianism.

New book on Joseph Priestley focus of UUHS event.

John Sidney McCain, the man from Old.

Recommended re: Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama.

Last call for the Guide to UU Blogs.

One-stop shop for your UU video fix.

Get the early scoop on new ministerial settlements.

UUA Board meets in Boston, April 18-20.

Anticipating the arrival of the Philocritot.

Obama's speech on race: 'A more perfect union.'

Andrew Sullivan on Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright.

This week at UUA presidential race.

American nationalism collides with black liberation theology.

June 24-25 meeting will plan C*UUYAN's future.

John and Abigail Adams get the HBO treatment.

This week at Sunday schools past.

Dungeons and Dragons, geek culture, and me.

Lesley Univ to share Episcopal Div School campus.

Responsive resolutions: Spontaneous plenary business.

This week at Raising committed UUs.

Privacy policy.

Survey: 0.3 percent of adults are Unitarian Universalists.

This week at UU prayer; YRUU's future.

Baptism is more than signing a membership book.

Obamania, or a civic religion revival?

Overlooked Unitarian U.S. presidents in the media.

Spring issue of UU World now available.

This week at C*UUYAN's funding cut.

Sinkford: Continental YRUU will be replaced.

Limits of Unitarian Universalist congregationalism.

Sinkford asks for patience on youth, young adult changes.

YRUU, C*UUYAN funding decisions not entirely clear.

This week at Love, Kenya, Appalachia.

Cast your vote in the UU Blog Awards.

'Rise Up Singing,' UU-style, in the New York Times.

African Unitarians meet with international UU leaders.

UUA trustee from New York boycotts General Assembly.

This week at UU theology of peace.

Barack Obama, poetry set to music.

On Super Tuesday, I'm voting for Barack Obama.

Philocrites in the pulpit Feb. 10, Jamaica Plain.

Which candidate will Superbowl victory parade hurt?

Mormon prophet Gordon B. Hinckley dies at 97.

UUA Board reaffirms Ft Lauderdale as G.A. site.

This week at Prison film, 'Survivor' gift.

Political typography watch: Praise for Obama, McCain.

My favorite Philocrites posts of 2007.

This week at History of whites-only towns.

Laurel Hallman, Peter Morales run for UUA presidency.

UU Ministers Assoc. moves events from G.A. center.

It's time for the annual UU blog awards.

This week at Kate Braestrup, Assoc Sunday.

UUA Board meets in Boston, January 18-20.

Announcing the Philocrites winter hiatus.

This week at Merry Christmas!

GOP and Democratic candidates on executive power.

More about ID checks at 2008 UUA General Assembly.

'American Transcendentalism' watch: More reviews.

This week at G.A. concerns; what's sacred?

Next year's General Assembly brouhaha today!

Boston Globe, New York Times dig out.

Happy birthday, Frederic Henry Hedge!

This week at Mike Gravel's religion.

Obituaries of extraordinary Unitarian Universalists.

Romney's pluralism tolerates all conservative religions.

Philo's hiatus won't stop the Mitt Romney links.

This week at Psalm for exiles.

This week at What is evil?

'American Transcendentalism' watch: Globe review.

Doug Muder's interpretive key to Episcopal schism.

Latest updates to my Guide to UU Blogs.

Fanfare for the common Facebook page.

How to have a Puritan Thanksgiving.

This week at Fred Small tries 'The Secret.'

'American Transcendentalism' watch: Early reviews.

Christine Robinson reports on Consultation on Growth.

Liberal religion scholarship at the AAR in San Diego.

Happy birthday, James Luther Adams!

This week at Rod Serling's Unitarianism.

Update: Congressional hearing on magazine postage hike.

Want a role in reshaping UUA General Assembly?

P.T. Barnum, 'prince of humbugs' - and Universalist.

Beliefnet launches new Unitarian Universalist forum.

Meet the author of 'American Transcendentalism.'

High school autocrat of the month.

Guide to Cambridge city elections.

This week at America's founding faiths.

Winter 'UU World' in the mail, now online.

Scenes from a duck boat parade.

This week at Haiku as spiritual practice.

Congressional hearing on magazine postage hike Tues.

My experiment with Creative Commons licensing.

'When you mix religion and politics, you get politics.'

Second UUA 'Time' ad introduces online outreach.

UUA trustees with blogs comment on board meeting.

California fires displace UUs in San Diego area.

This week at Start a church from scratch.

I'll be sleepy Wednesday night, too.

On Harvard's 'nondenominational' origins.

100 years of social gospel Christianity.

Hymns in the news: Harvard introduces new hymnal.

Former UUA Moderator Natalie Gulbrandsen has died.

This week at Universalist circuit rider.

UUA Directory is now available online.

This week at Pete Stark's humanism.

Resources on the Burmese democracy movement.

UU prison ministry responds to fed. prison book purge.

UUA film 'Voices of a Liberal Faith' now online.

This week at Meet Carolyn McDade.

Got a great idea for the 2008 UUA General Assembly?

Beacon Press launches 'Beacon Broadside' blog.

UUA Board meets in Boston, October 20-21.

UU Council of Christian Churches meets October 21.

News about UUA, Bay Area marketing campaigns.

Buddhist monks lead popular uprising in Burma.

Response of the Episcopal bishops to primates' demands.

This week at Neglecting theology.

Share your views with Panel on Theological Education.

Guardian's religion reporter says farewell, faith shaken.

Mitt Romney's battle-hardened sons.

Unitarian books not approved for prison libraries.

End of redheads? Or Nat'l Geographic's good sense?

Sojourners calls for letters about prison book purge.

Unfinished weekend reading.

This week at Going with the flow no more!

Imagine your own UUA marketing campaign.

UUA announces national marketing campaign.

Fed. prisons purge religious books not on approved list.

AAR events: Unitarian Universalist theology in context.

UU minister co-blogs the 'Lucifer Effect.'

This week at Church volunteer burnout.

Moxie Life launches online UU book group.

Hear me now or hear me later.

Harvard update on Emerson UUA professorship.

Responses to 'Liberal religion and the working class.'

This week at UUism and the working class.

This week at All parents teach religion.

What does 'liberal, welcoming' mean at your church?

Mark Lilla, William T. Cavanaugh on religious violence.

This week at A loved one fades away.

Gosh darnit, did the Globe forget Romney's Mormon?

Relaxing up one side and down the other in Utah.

Philocrites in the pulpit: Aug. 19 and Sep. 9.

This week at The Web and liberal religion.

Bay Area UUs buy ads on 'Daily Show,' 'Colbert Report.'

Pacific Central District's $250 YouTube ad contest.

Galloping toward the Philocrites summer hiatus.

This week at Church on Wednesday.

Isaac Newton's anti-Trinitarianism in the news.

Hehir, former HDS dean, now Archdiocese's policy advisor.

Should I blame Burger King or The Simpsons?

Pastoral problem: Minister dies after wedding rehearsal.

This week at Love the contradictions.

Turned away from a General Assembly event?

The uterus factor with Bill O'Reilly.

Hitchens: UUs 'don't give me enough to disagree with.'

This week at Stem cells, carbon offsets.

The Times ordains a porn star to the priesthood.

This week at Your life story.

Step right up to the discussion of UU polyamory.

One more try with my Guide to UU blogs.

A joke about liberal religious sectarianism.

This week at Fireworks, GA, and affiliates.

Trouble-shooting my Guide to UU blogs.

Having trouble with my Guide to UU blogs?

Eric Parkman Smith, Concord's Concordian.

UU Christian 'Revival' features John Dominic Crossan.

This week at Seminaries' funding cut.

General Assembly handout: Blogging for beginners.

General Assembly via the blogs.

This week at Practicing hospitality.

Massachusetts kills amendment to ban gay marriage.

UUA Board meets in Portland, June 19 and 25.

Philocrites takes the mic at General Assembly.

Saturday, noon: Boston-area UU bloggers picnic.

Massachusetts may be stingy, but its rich give more.

This week at Steps toward diversity.

Who in the UUA decides what congregations want?

Harvey Cox on Brazilian Protestants and democracy.

Christian Century on Barack Obama's church.

This week at Meet the new humanism.

Brown bag landmines, culling the affiliates, and more.

This week at Liberalizing the graveyard.

Gary Dorrien: When imperial powers won't plan their exit.

Tithing, Meadville Lombard's plan, and better websites.

Announcing the new and improved guide to UU blogs.

This week at The UU in the lotus.

Guide to UU blogs.

Uh oh, here come the Unitarians and Universalists!

Summer issue of UU World now online, in the mail.

Update: Boston-area UU bloggers picnic, June 16.

This week at Don't be stingy.

An entire week celebrating UU earnestness...

More spring photos: Swans return to the Public Garden.

Tagging resources for the UUA General Assembly.

Carbon credits, for-benefit corporations, and pre-nups.

This week at Seven Principles playground.

What's the Unitarian Universalist/Esalen connection?

A bit of springtime photography.

How much traffic does your UU blog get?

Dine with other bloggers at Portland General Assembly.

Help me update my Guide to UU blogs.

This week at JLA's 'fascist' prophecy.

This week at Go on an energy diet.

Urgent: Postal rate hike will harm small magazines.

Church as upper-middle-class lifestyle accessory.

This week at Love and membership.

Proposed: Boston-area UU blogger picnic, May 19.

Rumor: Only one candidate for UUA president in '09?

UUA Board meets in Boston next weekend.

Add headlines to your site.

Philocrites, now non-mission essential!

This week at Personal Jesus.

Hymn: The rising sun.

Despair, resurrection, and religious liberalism.

Captain John Smith's journal entry about baseball.

This week at Help for anxious parents.

This week at uuwhirled: Celebrating Jesus' birth.

Time for the third annual Boston UU blog picnic?

Harvard's 'New Humanism' conference, April 20-22.

Dick Cheney, safe in the arms of the Mormons?

This week at Power to the churches.

UUBlogs-PR: The new publicity email list for UU bloggers.

This week at How about that weather?

National Assoc. of Evangelicals condemns U.S. torture.

Fellow UU bloggers, interested in press releases?

Breaking news: Minns Lectures start tomorrow!

Tuesday at Harvard: Harvey Cox on James Luther Adams.

This week at Five-year-old theologians.

New will go live Monday, April 2.

Video-sharing to promote Unitarian Universalism.

This week at What's for dinner?

Philip Rieff on charisma, culture, and prophecy.

This week at What are you afraid of?

Harvey Cox: James Luther Adams, Evangelical?

This week at Spirit of Second Life.

Boston Globe front page: Beauty Tips for Ministers.

This week at Our theological center.

Globe marks death of 99-year-old Unitarian radical.

Also at Board of Trustees report.

New denominational blogs and websites.

This week at Adoption's complications.

A few noteworthy new Unitarian Universalist blogs.

On growing quieter.

Moments in emboldenment.

A winter's view from my office window.

Vote in the third annual UU Blog Awards.

This week at Finding a talisman.

The president is not my commander in chief.

'Every Bible is the flawed work of human hands.'

Weeklong radio series on UU Gulf Coast relief.

This week at New religious humanism.

Nine moments of academic Schadenfreude.

Nominations open for third annual UU blog awards.

This week at Environmentalist churches.

Why I will join the antiwar protesters.

Educating kings for the twenty-first century.

What a lovely spring we're having in Boston.

Time for the third annual UU Blog Awards?

This week at Persistent Universalists.

UUA Board meets in Boston January 19-21.

Boston Globe blogs Deval Patrick's interfaith service.

This week at Stick your neck out.

My favorite blog posts of 2006.

My ten most-visited blog entries of 2006.

This week at Mayhem and the manger.

'Tis the season to be syncretists.

Christmas Eve: A great night for Jewish singles!

Important conversation on UU advocacy.

Some UU approaches to 'contemporary worship.'

Remembering Daniel Pinkham (1923-2006).

Ancient Unitarian silver in the news.

This week at Santa and James Fowler.

Taize comes to Montreal, April 27-29, 2007.

Starring Unitarians as open-minded Christians.

Moral ambiguity in 'Left Behind' videogame.

Is Church 2.0 better or just more digital?

This week at Partners in the Gulf.

Looking high and low for influential UUs.

Philocrites in the pulpit: King's Chapel, Dec. 13.

Boston University forum on the conflict in Darfur.

Favorite Christmas CDs.

This week at The power of stories.

Open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

A few resources for World AIDS Day.

Dick Cheney's imperial presidency.

Five questions about me.

This week at Use words to heal.

Wednesday: Richardson on new William James bio.

PeaceBang: Barbara Brown Taylor's 'Leaving Church.'

From bleacher to pew and back again.

History Channel's engrossing Pilgrim docudrama.

This week at Pilgrims' progress.

My name is Philocrites and I love LEGO.

Unitarian Universalists in 'Second Life' video game.

What is a person? John wants to know.

This week at DIY fortune cookies.

I've updated my Guide to UU Blogs.

Constitutional convention ends; no gay marriage vote.

Mass. gay marriage ban on legislative agenda today.

Building interfaith bridges of homophobia.

How did Unitarian Universalist candidates fare?

After you vote, check in.

This week at William Schulz on torture.

David Kuo's credulous Evangelicalism.

Introducing a search engine for UU blogs.

This week at Black Unitarian inventor.

Peter Gomes: Why I am no longer a Republican.

Mass. diocese tables resolution opting out of marriage.

Seeking musicians, singers for NYC Taize service.

YouTube: Purple alien promotes 7 Principles.

Revive with UU Christians in New York City.

This week at Pentagon Papers at 35.

Episcopal diocese: Get married by someone else.

Romney's quasi-official Mormon outreach initiative.

UUA Board meets in Boston this weekend.

Did 'Get Religion' go off the air?

My G.O.P. generation, er, graduating class.

Down by the rivers of Babylon.

This week at Mom vs. tattoo.

Keeping up with our friends, the former UUs.

Big church-state stories in the Globe and NYTimes.

Rev. Hank's straight-edge, hardcore roots.

This week at Lappe on democracy.

Theological question a reporter should ask Romney.

'Eyes on the Prize' returns to TV tonight.

This week at The SUV song and Ramadan.

The UU gospel according to Fausto.

UUA, UCC leaders to discuss 'growing solidarity.'

Toward a 'pneumatological' liberal church.

Noah, the ark, and 'salvation by elimination.'

Theocrats are coming, theocrats are coming! Right?

This week at The sin of perfectionism.

Jim Wallis, Bob Edgar join the blogosphere.

This week at Sexuality education.

Brother Roger's communion with the bishop of Rome.

Uh oh, it's salvation by hermeneutics.

Parallel universe work places.

Why New Orleans flooded and rebuilding stalled.

This week at Five years after 9/11.

The plight of the Unitarian Republican.

This week at The end of secularism?

Hedge's 'Reason in Religion' and other classics online.

Religious politics in Ohio; PowerPoint in worship.

This week at Hope in New Orleans.

Wanna put together a GA program about blogging?

Hey! Give me back my planet-finder!

Taize's new prior talks about Brother Roger's legacy.

Camp brings Christian, Jewish, Muslim teens together.

Grass-roots ad campaign for Unitarian Universalism.

This week at Summer religious ed.

A vacation in Pentecost: A sermon about Taize.

It's time to update my Guide to UU blogs.

A few jazz recommendations.

Philocrites in the pulpit.

This week at General Assembly reviewed.

Jesus' parables: A retreat with Carl Scovel.

Boston's historic Old West Church vandalized.

Ned Lamont and Corliss Lamont.

Philocrites takes a Web sabbatical.

This week at Resist reasonable atrocity.

Goodridges, plaintiffs in gay marriage case, have split.

Democracy is on the march. So is God.

Read 'The Lively Tradition.' That is all.

This week at Sinkford on worship.

Religion magazines worth knowing about.

My political blog roll.

My religion blog roll.

Arts and culture magazines worth knowing about.

Political magazines worth knowing about.

Progressive Faith Blog Con in the news.

Getting ready for the Progressive Faith Blog Con.

Happy anniversary to me and Mrs P!

Pick a blog tool for your church or nonprofit.

This week at Love from the start.

Coming to you live, from Nauvoo, Illinois.

Tom Stites on the future of journalism.

This week at Jefferson and Adams.

Liberal theology's ambiguous future.

Scattered thoughts on a divided spiritual identity.

How I understand 'God language.'

UU bloggers at the General Assembly.

'Poetry' laugh attack.

Worst clergy name ever.

Unauthorized mass email from

Smallest GA workshop in UUA history?

This week at Mary Oliver.

Doug Muder dreams of Coffee Hour 2.0.

Everything you ever wanted to know about UU blogs.

This week at Meet the GA blog.

Episcopal Church elects woman bishop as new leader.

No simple way to keep up with G.A. blogs.

Blogging the UUA General Assembly.

This week at One Muslim's odyssey.

Nothing like a carnival to get us organized!

The season of church picnics is upon me.

Mrs Philocrites at 'Beauty Tips for Ministers.'

This week at Heroes' dilemma.

Unitarian Universalists in Mass.'s ten cultural regions.

Two cheers for conservative liberals.

Is it time for 'UU Voice' to abandon paper?

Sophia Peabody Hawthorne in the news.

Dick Cheney's omnipotent hand.

A few notes on visiting Rockport.

This week at Immigration.

Catholic lay empowerment in hospital shakeup story.

Unitarian Universalist roll call for Yearly Kos?

'Eyes on the Prize' will return to television.

UUA announces G.A. reception for bloggers.

Happy birthday, Waldo! HDS names a chair for you.

Now serving spam, I'm very sorry to say.

This week at Music and AIDS in Africa.

Forgiving girl inspires businessmen's generosity.

Jon Carroll talks to UUs about Unitarian Jihad.

International symposium on UU theology in July.

UU 'Da Vinci' watch: Dogma bites soundbite.

Around the UU blogs, with G.A. dining news!

Why don't we call them Ford Venezuelas?

Cast your umbrellas away! The storm is past.

This week at Mary Magdalene.

Better rain than snow?

Undecided about Foer's 'New Republic.'

Come rain or heavy rain, picnic is today!

Can you hear me now, Mr President?

Photographs: Springtime in Massachusetts.

Thursday diversion: Fictional Unitarian Universalists.

First month of the UU Blogs ad campaign.

Second annual UU bloggers picnic, May 13.

This week at The other mother's day.

There's something in the water.

The SUV song encore.

Devastating consequences of Catholic condom ban.

Bush and Colbert, Lear and the Fool.

In which Philocrites shows up on

Help protect marriage equality in Massachusetts.

This week at History of the Principles.

Bush never met a law he couldn't sign. And ignore.

Philocrites in the pulpit.

Inherent goodness got you down?

Want a banner to promote Unitarian Universalism?

Who are your theological influences?

This week at

My first podcast.

How the UU Blogs promotional campaign is going.

Diverse Unitarian Universalist Easters.

Principles and Purposes redux.

The gospel of forgiveness.

This week at

Holy week hiatus.

Imagine all the Statements of Conscience...

Why I'm mad at the Red Sox on opening day.

Scenes from a march.

Immigrant rights march in Boston today.

This week at

How about a May 13 bloggers picnic?

William R. Hutchison's memorial service, April 28.

Where are you most likely to find a UU?

Let's try a little collective marketing.

UCC takes 'pugnacious stance' toward Christian right.

UUA trustees meet in Boston, April 21-23.

Now cable networks eject the UCC ad, too.

Knock, knock, knocking on Mark Oppenheimer.

Counterculture in 'Knocking on Heaven's Door.'

This week at

A few small site enhancements.

'Tis the season for ministerial settlements.

148 million Americans in 25 largest denominations.

Going to church to learn science.

General impressions of 'Knocking on Heaven's Door.'

United Church of Christ marketing 2.0.

Blog update: What to read, what to wear.

Oppenheimer's definition of religion.

Keep up with our counterculture conversation.

This week at

Richard John Neuhaus's deputy turns on him.

Gary Dorrien will address UU Christian conference.

Next week: Counterculture and you!

Globe religion reporter blogs from Rome.

SUV song's Unitarian Universalist connections.

Happy birthday, Sebastian.

Changes to UUA General Assembly plenaries.

Catholicism's Episcopal Church growth program.

Catholic Charities' tragic gay adoption ban.

This week at

Seeking a cultural historian of libertarianism.

Shall we plan a second bloggers' picnic?

What more do you want?

This week at

Meet the man Abu Ghraib turned into a symbol.

A handful of liberal religious definitions.

Brainstorm a progressive religious blog conference.

Garry Wills, apostle to the Cantabrigians.

This week at

Jon Stewart and me.

Philocrites in the pulpit.

Getting ready to talk about counterculture.

Here's your real chance to fix the UUA.

Thank you for contributing!

This week at

Class-based definitions of freedom and choice.

Unitarian fiction watch.

Visualize yourselves.

More on Episcopal 'sacramental showdown' ad.

Olympics open thread.

Good news in Christian-Jewish relations.

This week at

Church and state; faith voices against torture; more.

This week at

Cheney shoots friend; office holds info 24 hours.

Snow day.

The cowardly superintendent.

UU blog awards down to the wire.

Best church radio ad. Ever.

Fastest growing congregations in 2005.

Large congregations addendum.

Final numbers from annual UUA certification.

This week at

The Web and the 2009 UUA presidential race.

A Universalist heritage center in Winchester, N.H.

Meet the moderate undergraduates.

Reform Judaism's boy problem.

Academic freedom and procedural liberalism.

A glitch in the UU blogs digest.

Update on an embattled parish.

Anglicans turn UK Unitarians out of cathedral.

Rebuilding liberalism on campus.

Voting begins for UU blog awards.

On early Unitarian fears of 'popery.'

This week at

Nominees for Episcopal Church presiding bishop.

Remember to nominate your favorite UU blogs.

Recalling Beacon Press's role with the Pentagon Papers.

Want to share a Google Analytics invitation code?

While your host is busy...

Massachusetts diner heats with fry grease.

Join the ad hoc Commission on Brainstorming.

UU growth update.

Announcing the second annual UU blog awards.

This week at

UUA trustees meet in Boston next weekend.

On Unitarian Universalist opposition to Alito.

Against omnipotent rulers.

Theology II: What do you want to read?

This week at

'Coalition of compassion' has clout on Beacon Hill.

This week at

Latest from UUA on-line certification.

The year in traffic.

Writing a religion story? Put Ted Haggard in it.

Christmas loot report.

The future of theology in Unitarian Universalism.

The site redesign continues.

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah - really!

Chestnuts roasting on an open thread.

A religion still seeking definition.

Red Sox false messiah watch.

'Transient and Permanent' goes off the air.

The talented Mr Romney.

As parodies that meet and merge.

And a decree came from 25 Beacon Street.

Is 'intelligent design' headed toward extinction?

Reintroducing a guest blogger.

Will there be Second Annual UU Blog Awards?

UU Service Committee founders 'righteous among the nations.'

Felt-board Sunday school lessons in the news.

Poet laureate Ted Kooser is a Unitarian Universalist.

'The echo of a tune we have not heard.'

The semiotics of Sunday school snacks.

Introducing a new front page.

What to read this week.

They attacked Thomas Jefferson's religion, too.

The gospels of Thomas.

Delivering a virus in the government's name.

Political survey of Unitarian Universalist ministers.

There's no place like Rome, there's no place like Rome.

Biblical exegesis in the newspaper.

New Testament: 'Greatest misreading in history.'

Anyone going to the AAR-SBL conference?

In honor of UU veterans.

Boston Judaism's young adult revival.

In which the author improvises at the polls.

Myth: Liberal theology caused mainline decline.

How Jesus approached the imperfect.

IRS takes aim at liberal church for antiwar sermon.

The stereotype of Yankee parsimony takes a hit.

Unitarian Universalism: preschool or grad school?

David Neiwert on pseudo fascism.

Wynton Marsalis's jazz politics.

Farewell, Amazon banners and trackback notices.

Jimmy Carter on Southern Baptist Convention and US politics.

The privilege of commenting.

More on tomorrow's civil rights march in Boston.

Where, oh where are the Philocritics?

Organist walks out on priest's anti-gay marriage appeal.

The parable of the lost parakeet.

Go Sox!

Davidson Loehr on fascism.

Marking the 40th anniversary of the Selma march.

The ski resort in a desert on a sacred mountain.

Taizé service this Thursday.

When the church doesn't want to welcome the prodigal.

UUA trustees meet in Boston this weekend.

Roots, don't hold me too close.

Notable new histories (tangentially Unitarian).

Contemporary atheism watch.

Unitarian Universalist podcasting in the news.

Roman Catholics for marriage equality.

Get Philocrites in your inbox.

The deep religious roots of New York tolerance.

I miss The New Republic's old headline style.

Purifying the church, one 'liberal' priest at a time.

Updated guide to UU blogs, at last.

Prayer in lieu of posting.

'Via media': Episcopalians challenge the Christian right.

Unitarian Universalist minister-blogger in the news.

Religion news is everywhere these days.

Who's afraid of freedom and tolerance?

Beacon Hill office bird-watching.

Devin + Trevor = Trevon?

Frederick Buechner denounces President Bush.

October 5 Taize service in memory of Brother Roger.

Media-savvy Boston-area UU minister.

The failed war.

Boston interfaith service for hurricane victims today.

Heads up for my young Episcopal readers.

Puritan heretic statuary watch!

Say, don't we have a vice president, too?

Taking in a hurricane.

James Ford, UU minister and Zen master.

Red Sox theology watch returns!

Friends of Philocrites on the air.

'Red-baiting in ecclesiastical garb.'

About my amazing powers.

And just how busy is Philocrites?

How blue are the communities with UU churches?

Why even liberals try not to hire prophets.

Watching Brother Roger's funeral on the Web.

One reason I'm proud to be Unitarian Universalist.

A prophet confronts a king.

Brother Roger, founder of Taize, killed in worship.

Dreaming of new blogs.

Mr and Mrs Philocrites, guest preachers.

Why I often feel like a moderate.

Feuding advocates for 'politically correct corpses.'

Resuming a conversation about liberal moral values.

'Moral values' decisive in Bush's victory after all.

Thoughts from sea level.

Forward my calls to the Musee d'Orsay.

Welcome back, Philocrites!

Flirting with Emergent, part IV (final part).

Bill McKibben: 'How a Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong.'

Sermon illustration needing sermon.

On the road.

UUAWO rocks.

Seems like big news to me...

Flirting with Emergent, part III

And now for something completely different.

Flirting with Emergent, part II.

Looking for Unitarian Universalist podcasts?

More on 'Singing the Journey.'

Flirting with Emergent.

Into the fray.

Please welcome your guest hosts.

Losing my religion?

UUA Youth Office explains Con Con decision.

Could there be more than one Philocrites?

Christian Alliance for Progress in the news.

Alfred North Whitehead watch, Pete Seeger edition.

Harry Potter Sunday School.

Friday Middle English recipe blogging, late edition.

Religion News Service on racial tensions at G.A.

Spend a year working in Washington.

This just in: Cardinal Law was too liberal.

What to read this week.

Anonymous and pseudonymous blogs.

Ah, the language of reverence debate again!

We are all Londoners.

Technical difficulties with comments: Please stand by!

Presto! Torture-enabler Gonzales is a moderate!

UUA Trustees respond to racism at General Assembly.

Bloggers meet at the UUA General Assembly.

America: Second or third choice of emigrants.

Friday Middle English recipe blogging.

About advertising on this site.

Penultimate General Assembly thoughts.

I've been counted.

Assorted observations about G.A.

Coming attractions: The new and

Commission on Appraisal: Monday at 10:15 a.m.

Don't leave G.A. without your CDs.

Unitarian Universalists 'invading the Bible belt.'

Doug Muder's Unitarian Universalist FAQ.

Amy Sullivan, Christian Democrat, guest-blogs for Beliefnet.

UUA General Assembly coverage.

Jonathan Franzen's youth group memoir.

Christian moderates, arise!

Friday Middle English recipe blogging.

Domino's founder's dream: A Catholic utopia.

Closed parish wins 10-month stand-off with archbishop.

Whoa, I've suspended myself.

Get ready for General Assembly Buzzword Bingo!

Another way to track Unitarian Universalist blogs.

Looking for a genealogist?

'Uncommon Denomination' in the news.

Carl Scovel offers new ways to see Jesus.

Why the Catholic Church needs empowered laypeople.

The archbishop on the hot seat.

It's Friday: Time for Middle English cooking!

Humanity in the news.

'Suffer the children' indeed.

Bloggers at the UUA General Assembly.

'Stand by this faith' or just standing by?

United Church of Christ launches Web news site.

Meet the authors of 'The Christian case for gay marriage.'

Son's death in Iraq brings father to anti-war pulpit.

Air Force Academy chief: Evangelical bias is a problem.

'Christian humanism': Broader than liberal Protestantism.

'Queer Eye' for the Red Sox.

New, improved 'Harvard Divinity Bulletin': It's free.

Modest site adjustments.

Josh Marshall introduces new liberal group blog.

In memoriam.

Catholic college selects UU church member as dean.

Unitarian Universalist youth unhappy with YRUU.

Chaplain at 'the galactic headquarters of scientism.'

Who can trust parents with a child's religious education?

Roosevelt Institution: Undergrads making policy!

Happy birthday, organized Unitarianism!

Uh oh: Here come the Christian humanists!

Divestment or dialogue?

Coming of Age season: Let's party!

Hymns to Mammon.

Theology at the UUA General Assembly.

Former King's Chapel verger in the news.

Let's talk about blogging at General Assembly.

I love news stories about growing UU churches.

Happy anniversary, Massachusetts!

Last week's must-read religion articles.

Whose Evangelicalism can broaden Christian politics?

Classes of Philocritics.

'Sojourners' reader: 'Unitarian Jihad' misses the mark.

UUA-UCC sex ed curriculum in the news.

Interfaith studies in an era of religious conflict.

Unitarian history at the Spiritual Progressives forum.

Richard John Neuhaus, foe of 'editorial error.'

Lakoff hosts two-week progressive religious forum.

Site maintenance and comment privacy.

'Boston Sunday Globe': All religion, all the time.

The housewife theory of history.

Trading Spaces: Mormon-Southern Baptist edition.

ABC: Focus on the Family is religious? Who knew?

Pope wants less dialogue in 'America.'

More holy numbers in the news.

Do liberals remember a mythical Vatican II?

Unitarian Ascension Day: Dedicate an elevator!

'We the Christians...'

Eliot Church in the news.

The new and improved number of the beast.

Weekend reading.

Ten bloggers went on a picnic.

Philocritics in the aggregate.

Reminder: 'Values' Democrats aren't fishing for fundies.

How goes the Unitarian Jihad ad campaign?

Xboxed in: Does your child have 'nature-deficit disorder'?

'The dictatorship of absolutisms.'

'Chronicle': From Unitarian Jihad to Faithful Fools.

Waiting for Pope John XXIV.

Sell your soul: Religious product placement!

Unto dust thou shalt return, if thou desirest.

Looking for liberal Christian responses to 'Justice Sunday'?

Boston-area liberal religious bloggers picnic.

The transcendence of criticism.

Which car is more UU: Subaru Outback or Toyota Prius?

How are liberal churches like newspapers?

Just Us Sunday: The rest of you get the hell out.

Lakoff and Ault on conservative frames.

John Brown: The Transcendentalists' terrorist.

Oh, no! Now there's activist legislatures, too.

Unitarian Universalist college students are different.

'Boston Review' on religion and liberalism.

Every flag will bend and every tongue confess.

Life in blog heaven.

What? No Lutheran Jihad?

Funded training program for ministers under 35.

In praise of power-hungry women.

'UU World' goes quarterly, will launch online magazine.

Unitarian Jihad: Not our 'iPod strategy.'

Is any car more UU than the Subaru Outback?

The great workbench: John Paul II's economics.

Get your cartoon gods here.

How's the Unitarian Jihad doing?

Idaho legislature: We're no 'freakin' idiots.'

More change in YRUU.

Massachusetts gay marriage laws up for debate again.

Philocritics picnic, April 30.

How the largest 25 denominations are faring.

Doing Unitarian Universalist theology by email.

The Evangelicals' pope.

Liberal in the world, conservative in the church.

Reading your way to Unitarian Universalist ordination.

My blogfather announces his move to academia.

'We are Unitarian Jihad.'

Conference for religious progressives in New York.

The future of Unitarian Christianity.

Important articles I've forgotten to mention.

The ecumenical pope.

UUA President on the death of John Paul II.

My life as a book.

Palestinian scientist objects to 'Times Magazine' portrayal.

The pope and George Huntston Williams.

Catholic chaplain at Tufts on letting people die.

Can bloggers meet in broad daylight?

Did Jesus suffer for our sins?

Men in dresses and fancy hats oppose gay pride festival.

'Boston Globe' focuses on religious books for Easter.

In praise of Mrs Philocrites.

Consultation on UU youth ministry.

Unitarian Universalism on Google News.

Red Sox theology watch, Good Friday edition.

Remembering Archbishop Romero.

Unitarian Universalism's 'iPod strategy'?

Unitarian poet turns out to be killer on the run.

Meet your fellow Philocritics in person!

Red Sox part-owner's plane used for CIA 'renditions.'

It's not easy getting ready for a peace vigil.

When everyone's on the jury.

Pericles: 'My taxes are obscenely low.'

'If UU Christians are so oppressed...'

Fr Jake on 'attempted coup' in the Episcopal Church.

The second coming of My Irony.

A great UU publicity initiative.

Unitarian humor 0, retort 1.

Conservatives against torture, part 2.

UCC's blog ads yield 25,000 visits in one week.

Happy 275th, Arlington Street Church!

Congregational resource for welcoming military members.

'Provo is just like Khan Yunis.'

'Slate' notices little ol' me.

What's next for UU blogs?

Conservatism's Apollo and would-be Dionysus.

Mrs Philocrites recommends Eugene Peterson.

Encounters with racism.

There's no such thing as TV 'news.'

A denomination embraces blogs.

Evangelicals take on bigger, broader goals.

What's next for UU blogs?

Quietistic, idolatrous, or prophetic churches.

The 'wall of separation' casts a shadow.

Liberal bishop's Republican advisor.

Forty years after Selma's 'Bloody Sunday.'

Why can't Romney be a Mormon moderate like his dad?

Three liberal magazines assess Democratic options.

When Philocrites was young.

Faith blogs in the New York Times.

As seen on The Daily Show.

Preaching the liberal Christian gospel.

Welcome back, Gregory.

It's so easy to be a UU without knowing it!

Six months at St Albert's; Bishop Shaw on Anglican tension.

When fate conspires to keep you from church.

Doug Muder's 'Red Family, Blue Family.'

Yet another hilarious MSN search string.

Mitt Romney, governor of a state he hates.

Why liberal Christians should read 'The New Republic,' part 1.

Should you bring imagination to your religion?

Bill Sinkford talks with Boston's 'Bay Windows.'

Behave yourselves, Philocrites is busy.

Which UU shibboleth is yours?

Philocrites in the pulpit.

Report on UUA Board's January meeting.

Francis Ellingwood Abbot, romantic.

Conservatives against torture.

The conservative sky is falling.

A very good question.

Two Catholic lawmakers: Faith led to gay marriage support.

Omnium gatherum.

'Cooking with crucifers.'

Patriots theology watch.

'Poetry' for your reading group.

Renewing liberal mainline churches through prayer.

'Creation care': Environmentalism for Evangelicals.

Evangelical leader: Moral Majority 'an aberration.'

More on 'Eyes on the Prize.'

Matthew 25 as applied to today's GOP.

Mainline Protestants shifted to Kerry, Catholics to Bush.

Shucks, I'm embarrassed!

When is a Unitarian more Catholic than the Pope?

Red Sox theology watch, WWJDD edition.

24 hours to go in the UU Blog Awards.

Poverty: The moral issue that crosses theological lines.

Farewell, Lombard College.

Red Sox theology watch, icicle edition.

Nudge, nudge: UU Blog Awards!

Looking for progressive Christian blogs?

Oppose Gonzales for attorney general.

Jim Wallis at Trinity Church, Copley Square.

Church in the blizzard.

UU Blog Awards: Voting begins.

UUs looking for a Web site?

Moments in bad publicity for atheists.

Here, in Spamalot.

Fire and ice.

Oh my.

Coming up: Weekend with the UUA Board.

UUA election deadline approaches.

Bush: Not gonna bother with the marriage amendment.

Sorry, civil rights history is copyrighted.

First Congregational-Pentecostal Church.

St Albert the Great's legacy.

Inaugural hymns.

Fair and balanced puppets.

Here's to progress!

Last call for UU Blog Award nominees.

'Utmost purity': A parable.

Turbulent Catholic congregationalism.

Spanking for Jesus.

Don't forget the UU Blog Awards!

The attorney general in his labyrinth.

Two unnerving articles about Iraq.

Your mission: Find great UU blogs.

Voltaire and the tsunami.

Best UU blog I hadn't heard about.

Job and the tsunami.

So much for 'Con Con: The Movie.'

'As long as we both shall love'?

New Year's reader appreciation day.

Does the National Association of Associations know about this?

First draft of UU Blog Award categories.

'All the planet is vibrating.'

Most visited entries of 2004.

My ten favorite entries of 2004.

Icons and iPods.

'Rome's day is over.'

Thinking with James Luther Adams.

Authentic fake holidays.

'Counterintuitive joy.'

ˇFeliz Navihanukwansada!

Ever heard of a church that turns people away?

Comments restored!

Lest all our entries be forgot.

'As the clock is to time.'

Swing, Pedro, swing!

What's up with Kinja?

What's wrong with this survey question?

Democrats need some 'thick we's.'

Emergent shul?

Barred by TV networks, church goes after FCC licenses.

'Commonweal' blasts 'First Things' on the war.

100 days at St Albert the Great.

Whoa! Who changed the site?

Hanukkah and Unitarian Universalism.

Jesus' controversial 'message of inclusive love.'

Weekend religion round-up.

Hymns in the news.

UU blogger in Iraq.

Meet your fellow Philocritics, part 6.

United Church of Christ protests rejection of its ad.

Welcoming churches unwelcome on CBS, NBC.

What did Rowan Williams say?

Your vote matters.

After Thanksgiving, 'Slate' turns to poetry.

Inspiring lawyers.

O ye of little faith.

Religious left: Still attracting media attention.

Silent majority: Boomers & kids.

Outrage on demand.

Meet Ohio's anti-gay marriage crusader.

Jonathan Franzen on Charles Schulz: Wow.

Meet your fellow Philocritics, part 5.

Expressive UUs and Episcopalians!

'I will not be God-whipped.'

Jesus the pit bull warrior.

How's the spam war going?

Time to start thinking about congregational growth.

Senator Barrios ties the knot.

Chrismukkah in a UU congregation near you.

Got your Bible and scissors?

Forrest Church watch: 'Good Morning America' edition.

Happy anniversary!

Recommended reading.

Ironic journalism to the rescue again.

Narrative vs. litany.

From anguish to dialogue.

The gospel according to Bono.

Public radicals vs. powerful radicals.

'Bridge to Terabithia' author on faith, culture war.

Why must moderate and liberal Christians speak up?

Go and make Republicans of all nations.

[Your moral values here].

Liberal Christians on 'values voters.'

Shortest creed ever?

Lest I be misunderstood...

There goes the 'moral values' surge!

They're still the 'Christian right' to me.

Hypocrisy and idolatry.

Mickey Mouse, secular humanist?

Red and blue geography.

The spiritual left.

Meet your fellow Philocritics, part 4.

Religious roots of progressive values.

Liberal moral values.

Real live Jeremiah.

Against all-or-nothing arguments about 'moral values.'

Liberalism reframed.

A covenant goes two ways.

Initial reactions.

'Courage': The Dan Rather game!

'Left-handed Unitarians against the metric system'!

Red Sox politics watch.

Today's to-do list.

Massachusetts family values.

Red Sox theology watch: Church and state edition.

Breaking for Kerry.

Bush aides to bin Laden: 'Thanks!'

Getting ready for Election Day.

Mrs Philocrites is amused.

President Bush: Bin Laden's enabler.

Red Sox theology watch.

Red Sox parade watch.

Red Sox rally watch.

1918 eclipsed!

Are you a Christian for Kerry?

John Kerry's political theology.

Broke my spam filter again!

Banishing faith from politics? Good luck!

Red Sox theology watch: After the scapegoat.

The reality divide.

Weekend for Kerry!

Wolf in Good Shepherd's clothing.

This fan is still speechless.

Damon grand slam!

Introducing the UUA Press Room.

Say the general confession on your tippy-toes.

Cape Cod's scaaary Unitarian Universalists.

Who's studying intercessory prayer at Fenway?

The president of unreality.

David Ortiz: I sense a comeback!

Yankees vs. Red Sox.

What would a national sales tax look like?

A civil dispute on gay marriage.

What's so wrong with Bush? Part 2.

What's so wrong with Bush?

'Trust is covenantal.'

Red Sox angst watch.

Still undecided?

I can't make a pun out of 'Wiki'...

Against the 'apostles of fear.'

Meet the new UU blog reviewer!

What if Bush had won back in 2000?

Is Kerry the 'most liberal senator'?

Red Sox theology watch.

Who is throwing away voter registration forms?

Can a prophetic preacher bring the congregation along?

The Milli Vanilli president?

Mrs Philocrites says...

Synchronicity? Uncanny!

Hallelujah! Holy Weblog! is back.

Christians for Kerry.


Zagajewski, Pinsky, Walcott.

Notes from the National Marriage Equality Express.

A tale of two churches.

Weekend reading.

Mob bloggers.

Mr. Bush, why don't you go to church?

Meet your fellow Philocritics, part 3.

'The least of these.'

How Bush plans to raise your taxes.

Christian abstainers, part II.

'Joined in the middle.'

Most ironic comment of the day.

James Carroll on Kerry's Catholicism.


First Parish, Southern Baptist?

Christian adulthood.

Forrest Church on President Bush.

Victoria Safford in the 'Nation.'

Let all the people say...

Sound of silence.

Christian abstainers.

When even Unitarian Universalism is too religious.

Marshall, Kos, and Wonkette: Stars!

Everything's coming up roses.

Gonna ban your Bible!

Beware 'Old Testament' comparisons.

U.S. Department of Irony Promotion.

With steadfast, resolute victories like these...

Methodist bishop condemns RNC 'Bible ban' mailing.

Credo, a first draft.

Best-kept secret in Christianity.

Hurricanes' impact on Unitarian Universalists.

Woe is me! Whew!

Recommended reading.

Resisting stem cell utopianism.

Whaddya know? I'm undecided!

Fonts in the news, indeed.

Jesus: Massachusetts liberal.

Meet your fellow Philocritics, part 2.

The unpenitent incompetent.

Forrest Church on church and state.

What insiders say the insiders are saying.

Beacon Press's blog.

Why Bush deserves to lose.

The oracle at Fenway.

The gimme society.

Filling an empty space.

Poor, struggling drug companies.

Distracted by the 'God gap.'

Good news from 'The Christian Century.'

Thou shalt not lie, et cetera.

Pray for your enemies.

Bush's paltry religious imagination.

Ironic journalism to the rescue.

Meet your fellow Philocritics.

Republicans didn't invent blasphemy...

General Assembly, better late than never.

The priesthood of all believers.

'Catastrophic success.'

Who's your co-pilot?

Conservatism's identity crisis.

Parting gifts.

Good news from Saudi Arabia?

Over to you...

Homeschooling's activist right.

Marriage: 'Gold standard for human relationships.'

'The Olympic flame is idolatry.'

Religious leftist.

Ikea: Legos for adults.

The people's Mass.

Utopia isn't cheap.

Vedic City, Iowa.

Preparing for a hiatus.

Gov. McGreevey's copping out story.

Beliefnet chats worth reading.

Take the high road.

President Bush presses the flesh.

Knocking on doors for no apparent reason.

'UU World' in the news.

Against 'St. Francis of Concord.'

Thanks, Philocrites-linkers!

Breaking out of denominational assumptions.

Religion bloggers at the DNC.

Pulling rabbits out of hats.

Senator Byrd's Constitution.

Sharpton: 'Our vote is sacred.'

DNC religion watch.

Unitarian Universalism's Google news editor.

More on religious language.

Today's DNC worship rally.

Burning coals to Kerry's lips.

Kerry on American Muslims.

DNC invocation watch.

Building the vast left-wing conspiracy.

Secularism watch: Massachusetts vs. Utah.

The poet and the philosopher: An opera!

Steinfels's reading lists for Bush, Kerry.

Preacher to the Convention.

'I don't give a flying Cheney.'

Summertime, and the kids are brilliant!

Unitarian Universalists for Kerry.

Deliberate failure.

Theological diversity watch.

Unitarian-Mormon dialogue.

Looking for swing voters this weekend?

Saint Dubya, pray for us.

Fonts in the news.

Do Unitarian Universalists have morals?

Wallis: Rescue Christianity.

Does Unitarianism require unitarianism?

Political ideologies in the UUA.

Scheduling an assassination.

Moral imagination.

Written any good new hymns?

America: We deport writers!

'Who is there to stop him?'

Render to Caesar...your church directory?

Pole to pole.

Unbelievable, indeed.

Challenges for gay marriage advocates.

Best plane reading ever.

Local press coverage.

One thing you don't learn in seminary.

Vacation! Work! Which?

Bad idea!

Liberal hawks revisited, yet again.

Philocrites in the pulpit.

Dear Uncle Sam: I'm watching you, too!

'Yes, we're all individuals.'

Buruma v. Lewis.

Can't get enough of Strayhorn and the Unitarians?

Designated prayer.

Are you a UU blog addict?

The sermon at Boston's Gay Pride celebration.

Praise the film!

Whadda we want?

Outsourcing prayer.

Praying on the left.

National day of mourning.

Announcing our winners!

Your deadline looms.

Why do smart Mormons like post-modernism?

We don't wish to alarm you, but...

Imagining Catholicism.

Your caption here.

'Unitarian Universalism' got your tongue?

Going on a blogging diet.

Where exactly does the buck stop?

The U.S.S. Hillary Clinton.

Suffering servant wanted.

Sinkford responds to Parker.

Matthew Gatheringwater says adieu.

Strayhorn repents.

Hillary and Julie Goodridge in 'People.'

When is politics theology? And vice versa.

What is going on in Texas?

Texas' taxes.

Military preparedness.

'Only marriage will really do.'

Change. Hallelujah!

In praise of strategic thinking.

Two important Catholic statements.

Time to celebrate.

'Joan of Arcadia.'


Liberal hawk watch.

Aiming for improved readability.

Developing a same-sex marriage ceremony.

Religion in 'The New Republic.'

How universalist is Mormon theology?

Liberal denomination in the news.

Perfect day at Fenway.

The disaster of Bush's failure.

If I had a million dollars.

Keeping up with comments.

Introducing Coffee Hour.

Traffic report.

We have no position. Yet.

First God, now MLK.

Broader boycott still tiny.

Unitarian Universalists run for TV President.

Boycott marriage?

After May 17, litigation.

C.P.E. in the news.

Favorite restaurant in the news.

Around the UU blogs.

Alliance 8, all three dozen of 'em.

Kinja loves us!

The Associated Press, spun.

Botched war.

First time visitor?

Red Sox theology watch.

Visit The Edge.

Homophobia on autodial.

Still loading slowly?

What makes a religion blog?

Tradition vs. traditionalism.

Celebrating Michael Kelly.

All the UU blogs at once.

Transcendentalism's shadow.

'Occidentalism' watch, part III.

Got your Jesus?

Do you see yourself in these mirrors?

More on mimetic rivalry.

Fonts in the news.

Unitarian Universalism's mimetic rivalry.

Men barred from sunrise Easter services.

Last week's news. Ahem.

Village Gate opens.

Thandeka watch.

Bless you, Rufus Wainwright.

Liberty's self-interested custodians.

Traffic report.

Back to the reverence debate!

How open is the UUA?

'Occidentalism' watch, part II.

Blogging the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention.

The resolution no one noticed.

Republicans for Ralph Nader.

'Sponge for punishment.'

'Occidentalism' watch.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

The media's bias for gay marriage.

'Christian Century' on 'The Passion.'

Always look on the bright side...

Better than the 'Interdependent Web'?

The Rev. Karen Dammann acquitted.

Slow news out of the Episcopal Diocese.

Happy birthday, Bach!

The difference a month makes.

A brief history of doctrine.

Neruda centennial.

The Site Meter black hole.

'Quartet for the end of time.'

Please come to our church!

Up next: 'Who Wants to Unmarry the Neighbors?'

Civic paganism!

Swedenborgian mobster?

Damn with effusive praise.

Episcopal diocese affirms same-sex marriage.

'We were all on that train.'

'Our Whole Lives' in the news.

Tomorrow's prophetic Episcopalians?

Today's 'Phoenix' coverage...

Competing theologies in Boston.

Beacon Press missionary.

'General Assembly' or 'GA'?

Like the phoenix, ConCon rises again.

Gender and blogging.

Don't settle for a 'Gospel for suckers.'

But before I go...

On the road again.

A hymn is born.


'Nice is different than good.'

'Commonweal' on Gibson's 'Passion.'

Traffic report.

What is marriage for?

'Robot stories.'

Prothero on Gibson. Again!

Weekend reading.

Bush and the Fred Phelps clones.

That 14th-century religion.

Other Jews on Roman crosses.

The kingdom of heaven is like...

'Scriptural fidelity as fetishism.'

Hutton Gibson smackdown.

Screenplay by the Paraclete?

This little Nader went to market...

Jesus in the mirror.

'Friends' gets religion.

It's a small world.

I hate Internet Explorer for Mac.

Martin & Hannah: The movie!

Why did we give up fasting for Lent?

Progressive Protestant: No dupe!

The blog of common prayer?

I Can't Believe It's Not Marriage!

Howard Dean's playhouse.

God's lovers.

The view from (near) my window.

Massachusetts voter alert!

Peter Gomes speaks truth to power!

Scenes from the end of the road.

Breaking up is hard to do.

Peter Gomes vs. Archbishop O'Malley.

Bigotry brings us together. Oh, wait!

Fonts in the news.

Red Sox theology watch, Super Bowl edition.

Memes: The idea whose time didn't come.

Questions the UUA Principles don't answer.

Moral credibility.

We interrupt this program...

At least the UU blogosphere is growing...

What? No Patriots theology watch?

Episcopal schism watch, continued.

Kucinich: 'New Age, vegan Catholic.'

Clark the preacher.

Traffic report.

Civics 101.

A priest's 4.5 million barrels of oil.

Memo to campaign workers: Drink water!

Watch growth statistics as they happen!

Two Americas.

What's wrong with Reagan Democrats?

Dean's congregationalism.

The Revealer's resources.

If the blog primary were held today...

Brevity is the soul of e-mail.

Related program activities.

Poll watch.

Unassisted thumbs up!

Kerry vs. Clark.

Bishops vs. Supreme Judicial Court.

Fundamentalist no more.

What religious liberals can learn from Dean.

Celebrity Jesus.

Young fogeys.

Bleeding heart conservative.

Episcopal coup watch.

Meet the next First Lady.

After killing the Buddha...

Religion in the news: Election special!

Liberal hawks revisited.

He may be right, but he can't fight.

Arbitrary birthday.

Next 20 fastest growing churches.

Meetup as religious education.

Adlai Stevenson, Unitarian.

Sixteen fastest growing churches.

We're all nationalist liberals now.

'A simple romance.'

Meetup of the Larger Fellowship.

Clark Meetup on Monday.

Bad news? Good news!

Traffic report.

Who is Philocrites?

The church of Utne readers.

Ah, Byzantium!

Divide and conquer.

The seven-day week.

Holiday lite.

Jesus the question.

The Church of ——.

Collect for bloggers!

Singing the Living Tradition II.

The notorious al-Gebra movement.

Tolkien and the modern woman.

Revenge of the nerds.

Reason in a vacuum.

Thinking caps: On.

Reinhold Niebuhr's prayer.

Damn Nader.

Recommended reading.

'In a hole in the ground...'


Clark's debate.

'A world statesman.'

'Tis the season.

Hardball, up close.

Dean's religion problem.

Sharing God.

Loathsome Christmas TV specials.

Libations to Dionysus.

New Yorker vs. Clark, part II.

Fire marshals vs. the flaming chalice.

Dean: Northern evangelist.

Traffic report.


Spouse and spouse?

'God on the Quad.'

Faith-based pork.

Imago dei.

War of words.

Dinner with Huston Smith.

'Tolerance, freedom, and fairness.'

Wesley Clark's faith.

Grateful, A to Z.

Sidebar adjustments.

Real Live Preacher: The Book.

Beyond 'liberal' and 'conservative' in religion.

Meet the new Falwells.

Unitarian Universalism's many definitions.

Now accepting nominations...

Dean: No peacenik?

Spam robots from Belize?

Desert island hymns!

Unitarian Universalism: In search of a definition

Poetry and religion.

New Yorker vs. Clark.

Preempt the preemptor.

'The phantom of the tollbooth.'

Creatureliness, freedom, and hope.

Unitarian Universalist blog watch.

Over the edge.

Interfaith marriages.

Jesus Crest.

Course correction.

Principles for human rights hawks.

Dawkins's crusade.


'My country, 'tis of thee...'

The new Christian Century.

The new UU World.

Empire? Or multi-culti? Anglicans go for both.

Religion, justice, and violence.

Robinson's consecration.

Matins America.

On Wesley Clark's enemies.

Reader appreciation day.

Quaker same-sex marriage.

'Marauding Unitarian ministers...'

Artists as mystics.

Banner? What banner?

The pink cross.

Twenty-five years with John Paul II.

The golden chalice.

What do I like about Wesley Clark?

From the Suggestion Box: Interfaith marriages.

Science and its metaphors.

A lesson from the opposition.

Can humanists 'worship'?

Is Zeus mad at Mel Gibson?

Daily Kos and religious liberals.

Despite reactionaries, Robinson will be bishop.

Elliott Smith.

Unitarian Universalist bloggers.

Gini Courter elected interim UUA moderator.

When is a liberal no longer a liberal?

Bright vs. bright.

Suggestion box.

Technical questions.

Oepidus Sox.

Red Sox: theologians watch!

The false 'West against South' divide.


Who is funding the Anglican reactionaries?

Red Sox foreign policy watch.

Red Sox theology watch.

'Love is God's mafia.'

Religion in the voting booth.

Apotheosis of George.

Sarah McLachlan, Universalist?

Red Sox theology watch.

The church of brights.

Schism bias watch.

Episcopal schism watch.

Red Sox theology watch.

Pardon the dust.

Creation's table.

Red Sox theology watch.

Power? What power?

Philocrites for Clark.

Too much C Major.

'What if the Koran isn't perfect?'

Schwarzenegger for enlightened despot?

Losing my religion.

Betook her own theology.

UUA Moderator resigns.

Sport as ritual.

Channing vs. Ballou.

The Rev. Garrison Keillor?

Wilsongate digest.

Red Sox theology watch.

White House betrayal.

Wolfe watch.

Monthly report.

Another cruciflick.

Will to believe.

God bless the Anglicans...

Theological conversation.

'A role for each of us.'

High crimes and misdemeanors?


Are you now or have you ever been...?


'In the eyes of an almighty.'

Define 'objective.'

How they suffer.

God is my executive producer.

Greatest story ever sold.


Emerson watch.

Dogmatic non-creedalism.

Always on safari.

What would Henry do?

Product placement.


Recommended reading.

Buddhist neurology.

Theology for humanists.

Emerson watch.


General interest.

African Anglican diversity.

American idle.

Twin towers.

Beam in the eye.

Dean and the Democrats.

War on euphemism.

How a religious naturalist prays.


Paperless school?

Take some Pheduprin.

How to talk about Buruma.


Clerical bestiary.

Monthly report.

And for moral clarity...

Feminism in Iraq.

'Erring' error?

Kerygma x Seventeen = ?

Which church-and-state do you belong to?

Political courage.

America's Muslim divide.

Red Sox theology watch.

Religious blogs go mainstream.

Alto olympics.

Democracy for Dummies.

God-talk on the couch.

Roy Moore's crusade.

Making theology work.

The real issue.

Who took my statute of limitations?

Catholic crisis.

Humanism vs. science?

The final frontier.


Yoga missionaries.

Civil rights movements.

MLK's strategist.

Pale yellow.

Liberal realism.


More on 'The Marriage Cure.'

Devlin hunters.

Expanding uniuniverse.


Got church?

Mrs Philocrites' corner.

Marriage prospects.

No more bowling alone.

Condemn by repeating the past.

The arrangers.

Forgive and forget?

Can a fundamentalist be a unitarian?

Can a bishop eat bacon?

Morality vs. ethics.

Extra credit.

Please welcome...

Cold feet.

Holy debate.

Religious liberal on the go.

Parenting and politicians.

From the mouths of babes?

Catholic democracy.

Christian taxation.

Do Utahns need public space?

On second thought.

Unitarians in suits.


Boy in the bands 2.0.

Pat on the back.

Desperate measures.

Beliefnetters on Humanist Manifesto III.

By their fruits ye shall know them.

Preemptive strike.

Kerry to Pope: Back off.

Genesis for grown-ups.

Mormonism + X = violence.

Bright bigotry?

Classified pages implicate Saudis.

Taking on an icon.

Uphill battle.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson watch.

Is Chewbacca Christ your Lord and savior?

All riled up.

Knit this in remembrance of me.

Who would Jesus tax?

Architecture as metaphor.

Documentary heaven.

When does strong criticism turn into bashing?


D.J. Heaney.

Subtitling the Gospel.

Parochial cosmopolitanism.

Sixteen words.

You are your demographic.

Happy Pioneer Day!

Iraqi superbaptists.

When a man loves a woman.


Hey! That's my relative you're damning!

Vox iraqi.

Ignoring Africa, left and right.

Critical mass.


Suitable for elevator rides.

Officially off duty.

What is a church, anyway?

Damned laity.


Perfect pitch.

More than words.

Pluralism in practice.

I was just kidding.

Old-school universalism.

The future of post-communism?

Jesus plus nothing.



Another sermon contest entry!

Mark Lilla watch.

The balcony of ideas.

Subscriber overboard!

Sermon contest entry!


Almost cannibalism.

Best sermon contest!

Whatever happened to the Sabbath?

Nationalism and its discontents.

God and other famous liberals.

Starting in despair.

New and improved!

Real life calls.

Freeman's God.

Standing on principle.

He liked tax collectors, too.

Philosopher kings.

Faith and freedom.

Syria, land of religious pluralism.

Not just horsing around.

The elusive quest.

Kucinich for TV.

Up we go.


More chutney, please!

Relativism or pluralism?

Modern theology 101.

We must not postulate simplicity.

Emerson watch.

Rwanda reloaded.

It isn't 1933.

Cambrich, Mass.

Emerson watch.


Which way to Mecca?




Chris Hedges watch.

A vocabulary of reverence.

Unitarian Universalism watch.

Extreme Christianity.

Super Scouts.

Good news, bad news.


What matrix?

The Muslim war against Islamism.

Sorkin's parting shot.


World ends tomorrow!

The ontology of blogging.

Diplomatic candor.

UU blogger watch.

Chris Hedges watch.

Unitarians against Graham.

Ralph Waldo Emerson watch.

Baghdad's blogger is back.

If only...

Eli Pariser.

Dogmatism watch.

Emerson watch.

Liars? Or worse?

False hurrah.

Irony, Utah.

More than words.


Paul Berman watch.

Humble byline.

Mother Jones review.

Bad faith.

Humanism in the news.


Pile on.

Humanist revival.


Lego down to the river to pray.

Brown's it-list.

J.L.A. watch.

Oil futures.


The next antiwar.

Pause, or full stop?

The back door.


Red Sox theology watch.

Holy week.

More on multiverses.

Reading priorities.

Evangelicals to the rescue?

Paul Berman watch.

Round up, week three.

Cosmology op-ed!

My neighborhood.

New on the bookshelf.


Give police a chance.

Next steps.

Iraq's divided Christians.


Round up, week two.

Kelly on the Unitarians.


Doomed to choose.

The Bible's plot.

Rumsfeld follies.

The radical center.

Fateful choices.

Moral protest.

Puritanism today.

Protests in Portland.

Change of plans.

Scared yet?

Liberalism divided.

Week one.

Memo to protesters.

In support of an unjust war.

Focus on the pictures.

Focus on the frame.

Where are the conscientious objectors?

Practicing the news.

'Mushball middle'?

Liberalism's enemies.

Round up.

War of ideas.

Protest regress.

Liberalism defined.

Pacific alliance.

Friedman vs. Sullivan.

Right war, wrong time.

Baghdad's blogger.

Easter bullets.



Too many churches?

The religion variable.



When states fail.

Resource round-up.

Antiwar tactics.

Student march.

Signs of war.

Just war calculator.

Keeping up.

Round up.


Precedent Bush.

Howard Dean, on the eve of war.

About those lies...

Arrogant empire.

Conservatism's folly.

What would President Bartlett do?

Shut down the 'shut down' movement.

War as tikkun olam?

'Thou sayest.'

Helping people talk about war.

Neither gung-ho nor antiwar.

Utah's wacky prophets.

Deadly peace.

Another Unitarian Universalist blogger.

Going alone.

Military missions.

Crisis of faith.

Did Lysistrata wear pink, too?

The road not taken.

Et cetera.

Emersonians against war.

Priorities for dissenters.

Liberal blogs.


Boston white-out.

The case for a different war.

No comment.

Liberal hawks cool down.

Theologian in chief.

Away til next week.

Hawks and tough doves.

Forceful opposition.

Those aren't ugly Americans abroad.

Another good UU blog.

Billy Collins.

Wieseltier vs. Menand.

Have liberals been duped?

Mormons on hate crime.

Schell's game.

What the 'New Europeans' are really saying.

'Liberalism lies dying.'

The religious left.

The Iraqi opposition in Iran.

Iraqi-Americans on the war.

Outstanding commentary.

How scared should we be?

What? No religion reporters?

Confronting Professor Singer.

The Times wants a deadline.


How not to make the case.

Human costs.

Bin Laden to Saddam: 'This is my war.'

Bush to Pope: You're wrong.

Long-term damage.

Anti-Semites against the war.

The Rev. George W. Bush.

Fall of the House of Sarah.

Saudi reform plans.

'A deadline helps concentrate the mind.'

Does a biologist need to accept evolution?

Were Saddam's attacks on the Kurds genocidal?

Reality reruns.

Buehrens on Iraq today.

Buehrens on Iraq, five years ago.

When our tools fail and words do not console.


'Europeans are from Venus...'


Dissent from the center.

Marching as to war.

Regime change: past successes and failures.

The varieties of religious war.

About those weapons...


Buehrens direct.

Interfaith dialogue in Jerusalem.

How to justify an exit.

Citizen soldiers.

Getting away with it.

'Democracy' in Iraq.

The mind in chains.

Apology for a tyrant.

Three faces of the antiwar movement.

The decline of liberal seminaries.

What is our message?

On message.

First steps toward Saudi reform.


Arts & Letters Daily.

Adding God to the UUA's Principles?

Afghanistan's new suicide bombers?

Resentment and Democratic priorities.

Instant ministers!

When Buddhists go to war.

But can art save?

Symbolic Palestinians.

Encountering Islam.

More on Bach.

On the crucifixion.

Dangerous axis.

Was Channing a biblical inerrantist?

Is there political diversity among UUs?

Foreign policy for liberals.

Who is for human rights?

Liberalism's Iraq dilemma.

Dogma and liberal doctrine.

The question of empire.

Is the Bible hateful?

Two views of just war theory.

The ethic of morality and the ethic of vocation.

Malevolent freedom.

An idea worth defending.

Tragic freedom.

How Unitarian Universalists can help.

Want to help the Palestinians?

Physical or spiritual resurrection.

Revelation and relation.

'Retrograde' theology?


Making it up.

Atheism is easy.

Is Unitarian Universalism a 'new religion'?

Conflict and control.

More than models: Is tentative theology religiously adequate?

The ontological imagination.

Unitarianism and early American interest in Hinduism

Divine interruptions.

The reality of the symbol of God.

The critical faith of Doubting Thomas.

The object of religion.

Schleiermacher on true religious fellowship.

The religious availability of John Dewey's God.

'Words are not the only language': Henry Whitney Bellows's view of scripture.

Authority in the Spirit: Developing a doctrine of the liberal church.