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Sunday, January 1, 2006

The year in traffic.

More than 124,000 unique visitors stopped by Philocrites in 2005. And, for the first time, the site logged more than 1 million page views in a year. I feel faint. Thanks, everyone! There's more fun year-end data below:

Most-read entries from 2005:

Top search phrases: "liberal blogs," "unitarian jihad," "guugle," "fastest growing churches," "philocrites" (hey, that's me!), "mark lilla" (good guy), "hutton gibson" (bad guy), "define objective," "eli pariser," and "liberal magazines" (may they prosper!).

Beliefnet's Blog Heaven sent more traffic my way than any other non-search engine site, at around 2,000 hits.

The most intriguing thing I learned in reviewing the traffic over the past year is that Thursday is the highest-traffic day, followed by Monday.

A tremendous thank-you to everyone who has visited, commented, written email, or linked to this site in 2005. I hope you'll be back in the coming year.

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Bill Baar:

January 2, 2006 09:38 AM | Permalink for this comment


I really think blogs and easy access to high speed connections are going to change our world in ways we can't quite figure out yet.


January 2, 2006 01:51 PM | Permalink for this comment

About the numbers: I take my 1 million page views with a grain of salt. There were also 1.6 million "hits," but I take those with even more salt. Why?

Almost 400,000 hits -- nearly one-fourth of the files accessed -- were RSS files. Another 61,500 hits were to the Comment Preview window each of my commenters knows so well. And the stylesheet, bless its dutiful heart, counts for another 138,916 hits.

But the bigger grain of salt involves the fact that SiteMeter, which is installed on every public blog page, has still only counted 168,000 or so visitors in the three years I've used it. So I'm guessing that the number of "visitors" is really more like 80,000 in 2005. Which, I have to say, is still a number that makes my brain hurt.

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