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Monday, September 27, 2004

Christian adulthood.

Camassia offers several helpful insights on the difference between liberal and literalist interpretations of scripture. Your Own Impersonal Jesus" looks at the anachronistic way we liberal Christians tend to project our abstract ideals back onto Jesus the historical person — but also draws attention to the limitations of conservatives' fixation on the social particulars of Jesus' life: modelling one's life on Jesus' life not in principle or in spirit, but in the particulars of Galilean society c. 30 A.D., you know, concerning women and homosexuals. Camassia doesn't buy it: "It sounds like Jesus' mission on earth was to replace the detailed, inflexible, culturally specific rules for Jews with detailed, inflexible, culturally specific rules for everybody. Thanks a lot, J.C.!" Paul's emphasis on the "spirit of the law" over the "letter of the law," she suggests, is "a sign of spiritual adulthood."

Tom, in the comments, adds another helpful observation: "It is ironic, though, that Christians talk so much about what Jesus would or wouldn't do instead of what He is or isn't doing."

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