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Monday, September 27, 2004

Forrest Church on President Bush.

The Rev. Forrest Church — minister of All Souls Church in Manhattan and author of The American Creed and The Separation of Church and State, an anthology of writings by the founding fathers — is trying his hand at blogging at the Beacon Press Authors on the Issues blog. His two contributions so far offer good advice (!) from the young Jerry Falwell and a reminder that "the president of the United States is not theologian-in-chief."

Forrest's elliptical style doesn't seem well-suited to blogging, but unless Beacon's blog starts generating some attention, it won't much matter. Stephen J. Ducat's entry, "Who's Your Daddy? Feminizing the Enemy, from Abu Ghraib to the RNC," for example, would probably generate some traffic and conversation if it found its way to the attention of the big blogs.

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