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Thursday, September 2, 2004

Bush's paltry religious imagination.

I'm pleased to see Douglas LeBlanc of the excellent conservative religion-in-the-news blog Get Religion express discomfort with President Bush's view of the omnibenevolence of religion. When I read the Time interview with the president, I also found Bush's statement profoundly uninformed:

TIME: You've said that you don't think that they're religious people.

BUSH: I don't.

TIME: They're religiously motivated.

BUSH: I don't think people who would believe in an Almighty God would slit somebody's throat, just like that. I believe that they use religion as a justification for their ideology. But I don't view killers as truly religious people.

LeBlanc comments: "I think this reflects a failure of the president's religious imagination. To deny that 'religious people' can be capable of monstrous acts is, it seems to me, just as foolish as insisting that religious faith invariably leads to monstrous acts."

From the Philocrites archives: The Rev. George W. Bush (2.11.03), Theologian in Chief (3.3.03), and Doubtless (8.22.03).

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September 3, 2004 10:56 AM | Permalink for this comment

Just a comment from the front lines at GetReligion.

It is accurate to refer to us as a conservative blog, I think. But please let your readers know two things. First, it is a moral conservatism more than a political conservatism. I'm a pro-life Democrat myself. Also, our blog strives to be an enthusiastic defender of classic journalism values of fairness and accuracy. In that sense, we are -- most of all -- an old-fashioned journalism site.


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