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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I hate Internet Explorer for Mac.

I'm completely stumped, dear geekish readers. This site looks just fine on most browsers on most operating systems, but whenever I try using Internet Explorer 5.2 for Mac, paragraphs — especially block quotes — run into each other in an almost unreadable mess. The sidebars look okay, but the main entries themselves on the main page and in the individual archives look awful.

If any of you read this site using IE 5.2 for the Mac, you're my hero. You endure unimaginable suffering. I salute you. I have no idea how you tell the difference between what I write and what I quote. Please download Mozilla or Safari right away. (Noted: Dan Kennedy writes that the new version of Safari won't work on my Mac or on yours — unless we shell out for the super-duper latest version of OS X, which I'm not planning to do.)

If any of you understand cascading style sheets and think you know what I'm doing that makes my site so ugly on IE 5.2, please let me know. You'll be my geek god!

Copyright © 2004 by Philocrites | Posted 18 February 2004 at 5:57 PM

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February 18, 2004 07:14 PM | Permalink for this comment

Can we get a screenshot of the page in Mac IE 5.2? I read your css and think the problem is in the box hack, but elephino how to fix it.

While you're at it, take a look-see at my blogs and tell me if they're screwing up the same way.

Of course, I'm a devout Mozilla user, so everything looks fine here.


February 18, 2004 10:36 PM | Permalink for this comment

Look at it this way, Chris: you could be running IE in Windows.

As Scott suggests, the fix is probably a hack which isn't all that hard. Better still, join me at Mozilla. The RSS tabs alone make it worth the download.


February 19, 2004 02:05 AM | Permalink for this comment

Huh. I'm on IE 5 on a Mac right now (not my usual OS, but I'm sneaking some online time at the newspaper office) and your site looks just fine.


February 19, 2004 06:41 PM | Permalink for this comment

But I think IE5 parses differently than 5.2 . . ., and both from 6, and Mac and PC differently. Agh! [Insert promotion of Mozilla here.]

Robert Douglass:

July 2, 2004 11:27 AM | Permalink for this comment

I'm usually polite, but having wasted hours of my life trying to program things for the replaceable trash program Internet Explorer. I've seen others waste hours of their life (which are irreplaceable) fixing the mess that Microsoft has force fed to the masses for nearly the last decade. I've therefore come up with a very apt and descriptive phrase which I feel describes IE very well: replaceable trash. Feel free to quote me on this, and don't forget to show people what we're talking about. If you want to download some replaceable trash, you can do so here:


January 20, 2005 04:56 PM | Permalink for this comment

I bought a G4 dual 800 processor to do DVD's with. Imovie records the information but the image is so dark you can hardly see the people or their faces. The same image that passes through makes a beautiful image on VHS. I have since been putting the image on a DV tape and sending the image through my other editing system again to have a more normal image for the DVD's. I have to monitor the image as it is recording and keep adjusting the image to get a clear image going into the Mac. The final result usually ends up in a low quality, substandard image. I paid $256.00 for the extended help program. What a joke. All I get is sales people diguised as technitions. On recommendation I bought the Final Cut Pro version. Called up to get basic help and was treated as the program was only for exceptional professionals and I should be honored just to pay the rediculous price for it, and by the way, quote "I know what to do it is just a button but you will have to spend $800.00 a year to have me answer that question."
What a bunch of assholes. There should be a class action suit for getting money out of people by getting them to continuallly buy software and computers that never perform like it is supposed to.

Stephanie Davies:

June 7, 2005 01:21 PM | Permalink for this comment

LOL I came here from a google search trying to FIGURE OUT how to take a screenshot on a Mac running IE 5...mind you this is not my home computer, but my work computer at the Newspaper I work at (What IS it with newspapers and Mac/IE combinations??) . I found my website is blown to bits in Mac with IE 5...but I ALSO can't take a screenshot because Apple+Shift+3 doesn't seem to do a cotton-pickin' thing!!! No Apple+Shift+3, no print screen button...what's a girl to do?! Macs simply were not built to run a Windows product. It's like mixing Ammonia and Bleach. Anyhow, your site looks just fine in my Mac!

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