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Sunday, February 1, 2004

Clark the preacher.

The Boston Globe writes about Wesley Clark's religion-inflected stump speech. Two key quotes:

"Lots of people can quote Scriptures, and lots of people can preach," Clark told a crowd of about 300 supporters in Sierra Vista, Ariz., yesterday. "But not everybody practices what they preach in life." . . .

"If you're more fortunate and more favored in life, then you should help those that are less fortunate . . . and that's what this Democratic Party does," he said Thursday in Oklahoma City.

The Globe summarizes:

As Clark pounds the Bible Belt for votes in the days before Tuesday's primaries and caucuses, he is talking about religion in deeply personal terms, using it to explain the rationale for everything from his tax-cut plan to his belief that the environment should be better protected.

On the stump, Clark mentions his Jewish father and Methodist mother, recalls going to a Baptist church three times on Sundays as a child, and reminisces about Wednesday nights spent at church-run spaghetti dinners. He's saying he'll allow Republicans to join his campaign without having to repent, and is occasionally telling crowds that he "accepted the Lord as my savior" at age 9.

Curiously, his conversion to Catholicism seems to have vanished. (For more on Clark's religious story, read this.)

("Playing preacher, Clark hits stump," Rick Klein Boston Globe 2.1.04)

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