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Sunday, February 1, 2004

Kucinich: 'New Age, vegan Catholic.'

Beliefnet's second interview with a Democratic presidential candidate is with Rep. Dennis Kucinich. The world may divide into people who groove on what I'm about to quote and people (like me) who simply don't:

KUCINICH: I'm meditating now.

BELIEFNET: What do you mean?

KUCINICH: I'm meditating now. This conversation with you is a meditation.

BELIEFNET: Hmmm. How so?

KUCINICH: In that it is a constant flowing in and flowing out of spiritual principles, connection to thought, which is derived from spirit. It's the way I live every moment.

Although I too "live every moment" — being dead is such a drag — I find people who talk this way profoundly distracting: I want to open a window to let the steam out.

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