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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Traffic report.

January saw 3,840 3,921 unique visitors to this site, up almost just over 500 from last month. Top posts: Parts one and two of our ongoing discussion of the fastest-growing Unitarian Universalist congregations (with 506 and 253 views, respectively); Wesley Clark's faith (201 views); my new and expanding Guide to UU blogs (165 views); brief posts about Eli Pariser and the word "Guugle" (159 and 106); and, much to my delight, an old post about The ethic of morality and the ethic of vocation (one way to describe the difference between Quakers and Puritans) has 88 views this month. My essays about Max Weber and early American responses to Hinduism had 67 and 59 views.

New links to this site this month include: Prairie Point ("Viewing the world from a North Texas garden on the Blackland Prairie"), Kensho Godchaser ("A daily blog on pagan, goddess, and integral spirituality"), and The Sick Soul ("A crypto-Anabaptist who found peace as a Lutheran"). Thanks to you all — and I hope you've signed up with the Blogging Ecosystem (where I'm currently a "slithering reptile", alongside fellow UU blogs My Irony and Debitage) and Technorati, which I find extremely helpful in finding out who is writing about whatever I'm reading.

Finally, my favorite Google search string this month: "Is Wesley Clark married?" Yes, yes he is.

(Revised with final figures 2.7.04.)

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