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Sunday, November 30, 2003

'God on the Quad.'

A good cover story in the Boston Globe Magazine about the evangelical trend among MIT and Harvard undergraduates. (It's a trend I think about often when riding the Red Line downtown to attend King's Chapel on Sunday mornings. I get off at Park Street with countless young people, who all walk up the steps to the Park Street Church. At the Unitarian King's Chapel, there may be five people under 40.) Best line:

"It's very chic to be a believer now," says [Harvard University professor and minister of Harvard's Memorial Church Peter J.] Gomes. "In a place which is so dispassionate, so rational, and in many ways so conformist intellectually, if you want to break out of the pack, you say your prayers in public."

Lots of good stuff about the culture clash between Campus Crusade and the Ivy League — especially about homosexuality.

("God on the Quad," Neil Swidey. Boston Globe Magazine 11.30.03)

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See my post on the Great Awakening, modern evangelicalism and its effects on American religion generally. Up a half hour ago.

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