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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Faith-based pork.

Mary Leonard writes in a front-page Boston Globe article that President Bush's faith-based initiatives might have the surprising side-effect — yes, you could put quotes around "surprising" and "side-effect" — of picking up a few more votes and helping attract some diversity to the Republican base. And, while the Christian Right is squawking about the dangers of "judicial legislating" on gay marriage, it's interesting to note how the president is busy doing some "executive legislating" with faith-based pork:

Through executive orders, an aggressive wooing of religious groups, and his unflagging commitment to use the bully pulpit, President Bush has bypassed a reluctant Congress and is fulfilling his inaugural promise to bridge the historic separation of church and state and make his administration the most faith-friendly in memory.

("Bush presses funding for faith groups," Mary Leonard, Boston Globe 11.30.03)

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