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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Deadline looms for churches wanting a vote at GA.

UUA Secretary Paul Rickter sent the following appeal to the Election-L email list urging congregations to make sure they complete their annual certification by February 2:

The UUA Bylaws set a requirement for voting rights at General Assembly: congregations must certify their membership count and other data by February 1. This year, February 1 is a Sunday, so the deadline is 5pm Pacific Time on Monday, February 2. Any congregations that fail to certify by that deadline will lose their ability to send voting delegates to 2009 General Assembly and lose the right to voting in the upcoming elections.

Each year, the majority of UU congregations wait until the final two weeks to certify, but this year an unusually large number of congregations are still outstanding --- more than half (582 congregation out of 1047) have yet to certify with exactly a week remaining. How about yours? You can check the list of congregations that have yet to certify at Authorized congregational leaders (ministers, presidents, administrators, etc.) can log in at to complete certification.

Interest in the upcoming election seems high, but I'm concerned that some may not realize that your right to vote hinges on your congregation completing certification with the UUA. Congregations have been notified and district staff are reminding congregations about this requirement, but you may want to make sure someone at your congregation is aware of this certification requirement before it's too late.

As part of the certification process, congregations can also choose to participate in the congregational study/action issue process by recommending whether the draft "Statement of Conscience" on peacemaking should go to the General Assembly. Twenty-five percent of certified congregations must vote "Yes" on the draft for it to go forward.

Certify, good people!

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Colin Bossen:

January 27, 2009 10:53 PM | Permalink for this comment

For whatever it is worth, the only reason why my congregation hasn't certified is because we're waiting to vote on the Study Action issue before we do so. It would great if the UUA could reconfigure their certification site so that one can fill out all of the information and then return to vote at a later date.

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