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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 15: Last day to register to vote in Massachusetts.

Update: Here's how to register to vote in Massachusetts.

Because we moved from Cambridge to Somerville in September, Mrs Philocrites and I have had to re-register to vote at our new address. I filled out a voter registration form while waiting for a bus in Davis Square one evening in mid-September, and brought another form home for my wife to fill out. She walked hers over to City Hall a week or so later, but I gave mine back to the guy who was registering voters in Davis Square. Here's the catch: My wife has received confirmation of her registration, but I have not. So tomorrow — the last day to register to vote in this November's election — I'll be one of the last-minute Somervilleans at City Hall filling out my form. Again.

When I called about this earlier today, City Hall told me that it isn't unusual for independent voter registration drives to turn in all their forms at the last minute. While I'm still peeved at the thought that I'll be submitting duplicate registrations, I'd be livid if the form I filled out was never submitted at all.

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Mary A:

October 17, 2008 10:55 AM | Permalink for this comment

I often hear from Americans overseas who bemoan "If only it were easier to vote absentee! Why don't they make it easy?" I'd say your post today is an example of what can happen when someone tries to make the process too easy. You could "easily" have wound up disenfranchised this election. I'm sorry you had to re-do the effort but glad you were able to check up on it and resolve the situation.


October 19, 2008 03:22 PM | Permalink for this comment

That happened to me in Chicago when we moved there, when I registered with the campus voting drive. It was just before the primary where I would have gotten to vote for Barack for the Democratic nominee to the U.S. Senate -- I had to cast a provisional ballot, and it was not counted. They sent me confirmation of the ballot I cast, and why it was thrown out, but I never got confirmation of my registration.

I like Wisconsin -- you can register, change your address, and vote, all on election day.

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