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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Update: Congressional hearing on magazine postage hike.

What happened at the October 30 Congressional subcommittee hearing on the periodicals postage rate increase? (I've discussed the postage increase here before and written about it for UU World, the magazine I edit. I also submitted written testimony to the subcommittee on behalf of UU World and its publisher.) No news, really, but the Association for Postal Commerce has published a summary of each person's testimony before the subcommittee, which does provide a good glimpse into the differences between the big publishers and the public-interest, non-profit, and smaller-circulation publishers. The summary also includes links to the written testimony of the subcommittee's guests. Happily, the Representatives who attended seem to have heard the concerns of the almost 100,000 readers who contacted Congress about the rate increases.

There's not much on the blogosphere about the hearings: In a blog post published on the day of the subcommittee hearings, The Nation's John Nichols quotes from some of the testimony submitted by independent magazine publishers (including my own). And FAIR's Hilary Goldstein and Isabel Macdonald wrote about the hearings for The Huffington Post, though I can't tell whether they actually attended. (Beware: Each time I've visited the Huffington Post story, the site tries loading truly obnoxious pop-up ads that want me to download something. Shame!)

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He didn't just quote you, he called UU World "the terrific quarterly magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations". Woot!

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