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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Beliefnet launches new Unitarian Universalist forum.

This is really more of a technology update than anything else, but Beliefnet has launched a beta version of a new tool for its religious discussion forums. Here's the Unitarian Universalism forum; the old forums are here.

I've never particularly enjoyed the discussion-board format — although some of my earliest contributions to the Web linger on in Google's archive of soc.religion.unitarian-univ — and I launched a blog in part to escape them and the even more tedious email lists. Nevertheless, some people love 'em, and Beliefnet continues to introduce many people to Unitarian Universalism, so if part of your personal calling is to help newbies make sense of liberal religion, check out the new forum.

P.S. There are other UU-related discussion boards out there; please feel free to promote your favorites in the comments. (I apologize for blanking on their addresses at the moment.)

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November 8, 2007 09:02 AM | Permalink for this comment

The expanding UU blogosphere is well populated by Beliefnet UU Forum alumni, and the level of activity onthe mother site has diminished correspondingly. Many of us find the depth and freedom of UU-specific discussion to be more stimulating here, even if we do have to surf around to see all that's going on.

Some of the active regulars on the Beliefnet Progressive Christianity, Christian-to-Christian Debate, and political forums are UUs, even though they don't tend to open every post with, "As a Unitarian Universalist, I..." or, "We Unitarian Universalists...." This speaks to our denomination's ability (which, in my mind, is badly underappreciated and underemphasized) to engage the larger world effectively on its terms rather than our own, to apply our own values and sensibilities in ways that outsiders can appreciate. Don't go to those forums for UU-specific discussion, or to proselytize the UU gospel, but do go there to offer or observe a confident and effective witness about things other than ourselves, a witness that displays the essence of UUism without needing to wear the label.

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