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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Boston Globe front page: Beauty Tips for Ministers.

Boston Globe front pageIt's a banner day in Unitarian Universalist blogging: PeaceBang's ministry of clergy defrumpification is on the front page of the Sunday Boston Globe. (It's right there at the bottom of the page.) Sadly, the online version doesn't include the illustration that accompanies the print version showing Beauty Tips dos and don'ts, but it does have an audio slide show featuring several friends o' mine. (Jake, despite what PeaceBang says, I still love that chicken bag: I think it's a ministry of silliness to humorless GA-goers.) Update! Strike that: The online version is even better. It offers an interactive, build-your-own stylish clergywoman illustration! Scroll down and click the interactive graphic link.

If you are a minister or seminarian who has not yet availed yourself of PeaceBang's Beauty Tips for Ministers, do.

("Preaching fashion: Minister advises clergy on style," Michael Paulson, Boston Globe 2.18.07, reg req'd)

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