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Thursday, October 26, 2006

YouTube: Purple alien promotes 7 Principles.

Well, now, here's a novelty: A 6-minute YouTube film in which a purple space alien finger puppet promotes seven "cosmic principles." For discussion: Zany, quirky, and (more or less) amusing amateur films are a great way to spread the word about Unitarian Universalism. What do you think?

And who's next? Will Chutney take his line of coffee-hour comic strips to video?

P.S. to certain colleagues: Yes, I know about the alliteration in the title; I'm sorry. P.P.S. Hat tip to the LiveJournal UUs.

Update 6.23.07: Here's a video interview with filmmaker Peter Bowden, discussing the prospects for video evangelism.

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When I watched that video last night, I couldn't understand much of what the purple alien was saying. His accent is a bit thick. I guess he comes from pretty far away....


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I am now accepting venture capital donations. In kind or otherwise.


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The amount of UU-related videos in YouTube is alarmingly low, much lower than for other religious traditions. Actually, many of the videos that you will find are rock concerts that took place in UU premises. Fortunately there are a select few that are indeed connected to UU worship and history and also of decent quality. I posted some of them a few weeks ago in

Dan Harper:

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alienhelper, the human who created this video, has posted some basic "do it yourself" tips at this URI:

(Mac users, please note that you already have the necessary software on your Mac -- GarageBand for the audio, and iMovie for the video editing.)

So what are you waiting for? Don't like the alien's accent? Create your own viral marketing video!!


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See Dan Harper's video interview with Peter Bowden about Peter's purple space alien film.

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