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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Big church-state stories in the Globe and NYTimes.

What a week to be too busy to keep up with the news. The Boston Globe and New York Times both ran long, multi-part series on church-state relations in the U.S., which I've only begun to digest. Here's a list of the stories:

Boston Globe: Exporting Faith
Bush brings faith to foreign aid: As funding rises, Christian groups deliver help — with a message (Farah Stockman, Michael Kranish, Peter S. Canellos, and Kevin Baron, 10.8.06)
A U.S. boost to Graham's quest for converts (Peter S. Canellos and Kevin Baron, 10.8.06)
Religious right wields clout: Secular groups losing funding amid pressure (Michael Kranish, 10.9.06)
Past foes of church-state ties turn supporters (Michael Kranish, 10.9.06)
Together, but worlds apart: Christian aid groups raise suspicion in strongholds of Islam (Susan Milligan, 10.10.06)
For those excluded, loan program is no success (Farah Stockman, 10.10.06)
Healing the body to reach the soul: Evangelicals add converts through medical trips (Rick Klein, 10.11.06)
A piece of Hollywood is converted into a call to Christianity (Rick Klein, 10.11.06)
New York Times: In God's Name: Favors for the Faithful
As exemptions grow, religion outweighs regulation (Diana B. Henriques, 10.8.06)
Where faith abides, employees have few rights (Diana B. Henriques, 10.9.06)
Religious programs expand, so do tax breaks (Diana B. Henriques, 10.10.06)
Religion-based tax breaks: Housing to paychecks to books (Diana B. Henriques, 10.11.06)

I'm posting these links so I can get around to reading them. Hopefully they'll interest you, too.

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October 26, 2006 03:46 PM | Permalink for this comment

John J. DiIulio Jr criticizes Diana Henriques's Times stories for significantly overstating the "special privileges" granted to faith-based organizations: "The New York Times versus religion" (Weekly Standard 10.23.06); via GetReligion.


November 8, 2006 05:13 PM | Permalink for this comment

Diana Henriques responds to John J. DiIulio Jr's criticism of her reporting in a letter to the editor published (for subscribers only) in the Weekly Standard. Her letter is also available at GetReligion.


December 10, 2006 01:31 PM | Permalink for this comment

As states opt out of rehabilitative programs for prisoners, they've started funding faith-based — and clearly sectarian — rehabilitation programs instead. Diana Henriques and Andrew Lehren report on government-funded conversion programs in prisons across the country: "Religion for captive audiences, with taxpayers footing the bill" (New York Times 12.10.06, reg req'd).

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