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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Diverse Unitarian Universalist Easters.

There's so much good Easter reflection on the UU blogs this week I can't keep up. Among the notable posts I've read: Jess is all too happy to celebrate sunshine; she's had enough crucifixion. Dance of the Mind opted to celebrate Easter with the Methodists. Jehovah's Fitness started off with an Easter rant but attended and enjoyed the UU service. Jason Pitzl-Waters rounds up pagan-Christian convergences. Peacebang puts in a good word for bodily resurrection and offers part of her Easter sermon. And Fausto writes a great post defending Christian syncretism and the "Wow, Things Are Growing Again!" celebration of spring.

Did you know that you can search UU blogs by keyword? At UUpdates, the excellent blog aggregator, you can enter a keyword in the "Filter Updates" sidebar. Here's every "Easter" post, for example.

If you haven't had enough, here are a few Easter highlights from the Philocrites archives: How does Jesus' story help us? (1996); The gospel according to Doubting Thomas (1998); and Does the New Testament teach physical or spiritual resurrection? (2002).

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April 19, 2006 08:47 AM | Permalink for this comment

Philocrites, you missed me. Here's my Easter Sermon.

Ron Robinson:

April 19, 2006 10:58 AM | Permalink for this comment

Thom, I have added yours and other links and Easter and Holy Week sermons and messages to the site and will continue to update these and add more and work on the formatting of them :) throughout Eastertide. It's a season folks; not just a day. I haven't posted any Easter prayers yet, but would love to receive and put them up too. blessings.

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