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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Unitarian Universalist youth unhappy with YRUU.

Radical Hapa brings us the demands of a group of Unitarian Universalist youth leaders who want the Steering Committee of YRUU (the troubled denominational youth organization) to relinquish control over the continental leadership conference that elects Steering Committee members. The Steering Committee, you'll recall, is in a stand-off with the UUA administration and the UUA's Youth Office. Sounds like the other shoe dropping to me.

Copyright © 2005 by Philocrites | Posted 29 May 2005 at 8:07 PM

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Steve Caldwell:

May 31, 2005 01:32 AM | Permalink for this comment

On 29 May 2005, Philocrites wrote the following blog headline:
"Unitarian Universalist youth unhappy with YRUU"

I don't know if your headline is accurate. Or maybe the words you chose were not precise enough.

Several of the UU youth mentioned on Joseph's blog are active YRUU youth leaders in their respective congregations and districts.

The problem isn't with YRUU but rather the unresolved dispute between the current YRUU Steering Committee and the UUA Staff over YPS selection procedures.

I think it's a healthy development that we have youth who are willing to find a respectful way to resolve this issue. And I'm also glad to see that YRUU youth leaders are looking for this solution. This is preferrable to having an externally imposed solution on Continental YRUU for this.

Bart Frost:

June 6, 2005 01:10 AM | Permalink for this comment

Once again, I don't think you see the implications of the proposed action, which I don't know the outcome of but it does not matter for what I have to say. First, youth identified as supporting the resolution a) do not and b) are falsely identified. It is not my position or within my authority to tell anyone who, it is up to those people who I've heard from to speak for themselves.
And has anyone ever thought that this might SEVERLY HURT YRUU and the influence we've gained over the years. YRUU has/had the power to influnce the delegates and plenary at GA. YRUU holds a lot of power in its voting and it's beliefs. One cannot forget that if it weren't for the youth, our denomination would not exist. Are our generations so far apart that the older one cannot recognize our need to be accepted and supported like ya'll were? That's all we want, maybe "Steering Committee is not in right relation with the UUA"...the term UUA could mean a lot of things. Does it mean Bill Sinkford or the Board of Trustees or the WHOLE of the UUA? Because the first two have to power to work to be right with Steering Committee and it is THEIR job to do so. As the underprivileged part of the UUA, it is not OUR job to be in "right relation". It is wholely on the group that holds the most power. And in regards to the WHOLE of the UUA, truthfully, that isn't true. Youth Council has trouble reaching consensus, I KNOW that ALL of the UUA couldn't.
Therefore, this resolution won't do anything but hurt the YRUU movement. Instead of removing support based on actions by Steering Committee, why not report that their intentions were for the best for YRUU? Why can't both sides be shown fairly? Why isn't unconditional support given to those of us who ARE THE FUTURE?!?
We ALL know that external conditions placed on Steering Committee and the YRUU will not be resolved happily. In order for peace to be acheived, both sides have to reach an agreement but the side that has the most power must be willing to sacrifice the most.


June 6, 2005 02:54 PM | Permalink for this comment

I need to clarify the statement "a) do not [support]". From discussions with friends whose names are listed, I interpreted that they did not agree with the proposal. I will speak with them, and if I was wrong, I will take credit for making that mistake.
In regards to the falsely identified, Jesika Akhavein was listed as "Thomas Jefferson District Youth Council Representative". She is not the YCR for TJD. She was on youth council one year, but as a PoCC member. From speaking with her, she said that she made the clarification to Julian Sharp that she was not the YCR.

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