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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Former King's Chapel verger in the news.

Those of us who have known Ed Barrett — the unfailingly courteous verger at King's Chapel in Boston until his retirement on Easter this year — were in for a delightful surprise in this morning's Boston Globe: There he was, the lead feature in the City/Region section! The story doesn't mention his role at the church, where I first met him when I visited Boston almost ten years ago and where I came to look forward to his smile, outstretched hand, and greeting — "Good to see you, Mr Walton!" — each Sunday morning. Instead, the story describes Ed's civic attentiveness.

He attends almost every City Council meeting — and not a few state government meetings, too. Councillor James Kelly tells the Globe: "Eddie Barrett is indeed a fixture in the City Council. He can tell you as much about City Council for the past decades . . . as anyone in the city." And yet, even though I've regularly run into Ed Barrett all over town and always enjoyed talking with him, I had no idea. He's not shy, but he's also so courteous and un-self-aggrandizing that I never realized everything else he's up to! Good job, Mr Barrett!

("City Council's Quiet Observer Shows Up on Time, Nearly Every Time," Madison Park, Boston Globe 5.19.05)

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Roger Kuhrt:

May 20, 2005 04:15 AM | Permalink for this comment

Hi Chris--piggy backing on this post. Say, Earl Holt preached two lectures on Unitarian Christianity not too long ago--they seem to be the best kept secret sermons in the world. Do you know how I might get copies of them. One of them (2nd) appeared to be a ground breaking declaration of the future of UU Christianity!

Cheerfully, Roger Kuhrt

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