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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sell your soul: Religious product placement!

Alex Beam satirizes the growing trend of product placement in movies, television shows, and now Broadway musicals by suggesting ways for school teachers and ministers to cash in, too:

Don't let the timeservers on the school board decide whether God made the universe or whether we evolved from the monkeys. Let the market decide. If the right-wing crackpots — sorry, "people of faith" — can spend megabucks to promote knuckle-dragging judges, they can surely finance some creationist teaching in local schools. See how much they will pay, then go across the street to the National Science Foundation, and shake it down for a "donation." You want play? You have to pay! That's what I call economic Darwinism.

Churches aren't normally thought of as profit centers. OK, the vestry has rented out the steeple for a Verizon cellphone tower; that's a good start. Now think outdoor signage. Change that dippy message facing the street, "God Is Your Best Friend" to "God Is Your Best 'Friends' Every Night at 7 on WLVI-56!" Do you have an after-service "coffee hour"? Call it "Starbucks Hour," for the right price. They can print catchy Bible quotes ("Be not rash with thy mouth") on the sides of the cups.

("It's Time for a New Brand of Journalism," Alex Beam, Boston Globe 4.26.05)

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This was a Simpsons episode like five years ago.


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