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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Is any car more UU than the Subaru Outback?

Friends, does the Los Angeles Times Auto section have us pegged?

Subaru is the Unitarian Church of automotive brands: ecumenical, accepting, self-sufficient, observant of the natural world and reverent before it. Thoreau would have driven a Subaru, if you could have gotten him to stop playing with the windshield wipers. . . .

Subaru of America has probably the most coherent buyer profile of any car company, a profile boiled down to the Walden-esque description "inspired pragmatists." Subaru is big with teachers, healthcare workers, technical professionals, skiers, cyclists, kayakers, lesbians.

Yes, the "L" word. It's not like I'm outing Subaru. According to Tim Bennett, director of advertising for Subaru of America, the company has been cultivating bonds to the gay and lesbian community for longer than a decade, supporting its causes, such as the Rainbow Endowment, and specialty media.

Cuts close to home, I say although we settled for a Honda Civic and a "T" pass. ("Holy Roller," Dan Neil, Los Angeles Times 4.13.05, reg req'd; thanks, CF!)

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April 14, 2005 10:30 AM | Permalink for this comment

Well interestingly enough - we are a UU family and we are lesbians and we do own a Subaru - a Forester to be exact and I'm tempted to buy the cute little extended cab truck they have now... We had not ever seen The L Word til last weekend when we rented the first season on DVD (because our 15 year old daughter begggged to see what all the fuss was about).


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