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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yet another hilarious MSN search string.

Weirdly, I came in third, but Iranaeus came up second. Something is seriously whacked in MSN's search algorithm. (How do I know about these crazy searches? SiteMeter. It knows all.)

Copyright © 2005 by Philocrites | Posted 27 February 2005 at 7:00 PM

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February 27, 2005 11:49 PM | Permalink for this comment

i wouldn't run for political office in the future, if I were you. Jerry Falwell now has proof that you provide services for people seeking indecent . . . things.

I can't even imagine why anyone would run a search like that. I once got a search for "sexy nazi chick." I swear, they are not my type.


February 28, 2005 10:14 AM | Permalink for this comment

Iranaeus is now first! I'm kind of gratified that Bill Gates's engineers are geeky enough to think Philocrites belongs in the first tier of search results for certain sorts of pictures — it proves they're really very innocent guys — but it does make you wonder why theology sites come up so high on their lists.

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