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Friday, February 11, 2005

Two Catholic lawmakers: Faith led to gay marriage support.

Today's Boston Globe reports on yesterday's Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry ceremony at the Massachusetts State House, where the same-sex marriage advocacy organization honored three individuals and one religious organization for their efforts on behalf of same-sex couples. Strangely, although the Globe included fascinating interviews with Roman Catholic legislators Marie P. St. Fleur and Marian Walsh, who described how their faith informed their decision to support gay marriage rights, and although the article also mentioned awards given to Episcopal Bishop M. Thomas Shaw and Rabbi Daniel Judson, reporter Michael Paulson neglected to mention that the Unitarian Universalist Association received the "Peace and Justice Award." Hey!

("Walsh, St. Fleur Back Gay Marriage: State Lawmakers Firm in Faith, Belief," Michael Paulson, Boston Globe 2.11.05)

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February 12, 2005 02:34 PM | Permalink for this comment

Hey! Mark Paulson should know better, too! Who's gonna write to the Globe? Anyone, anyone?


February 12, 2005 02:43 PM | Permalink for this comment

UU blogger Paul Wilczynski wrote to say that he had asked Michael Paulson about the omission, and Paulson said he had included the UUA at the very end of the piece, but that because the award was not in any way surprising — and because he had written extensively about the UUA's pro-gay-marriage activism before — he had only mentioned it. Editors, who like to trim from the bottom, snipped it off.

A polite letter to the editor, mentioning that the UUA was also honored at the event and reminding people of UUs' efforts on behalf of same-sex couples in Massachusetts, would be appropriate, but I don't think Michael Paulson's to blame.

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