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Monday, January 24, 2005

UU Blog Awards: Voting begins.

At long last, the voting has begun for Coffee Hour's first annual UU Blog Awards. Voting will continue through February 1, so you have one week to explore the official nominees and cast your vote in each of the nine categories. I realize that these are the Most. Important. Awards. Ever, but our process was imperfect and it's probably true that we have overlooked truly eligible and deserving blogs and entries. (I am truly sorry and most heartily repent.) Happily, comments are open and you may write in candidates or even type epic screeds about the injustice of it all. Next year will be even better. The purpose of these awards, as far as I'm concerned, is to draw attention to great work in 2004 — the year when, as I've said before, UU blogging finally arrived. So, as best as we are able, let's celebrate the good work of the past year and encourage even more in 2005.

Conflict of interest note: Obviously, there's the slightest chance that I, having cooked up this idea in the first place and having appointed myself the Nominating Committee, may have put my own biases and preferences into the awards. But you gotta start somewhere, and so let's consider this a first attempt — and remember, it's for fun! The prize money won't even get you out of my driveway (which is shoveled at last). Next year maybe we'll come up with something that looks like a more scientific system. I won't be voting until mid-week, so you'll never know how I've voted.

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Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together!!!

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