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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Meet your fellow Philocritics, part 5.

What shall we do to while away the time over Thanksgiving? I know: Let's pick a picture of Philocrites to add to the site. Plus: A caption contest!

Featured below are two outtakes of an obligatory photo session for the magazine. (I have two articles in the upcoming issue, which subscribers will receive sometime around Christmas; the rest of you can sit on pins and needles until January to read my latest contributions to Unitarian Universalist journalism. Another photo will appear on the magazine's Contributors page. Thanks to my colleague Kathy for the photos.)

I know, I know: Only real bloggers have photos of themselves on their blogs, but so many readers have written to ask me, "Why, Mr Philocrites, sir, do you so prominently feature the colors orange and blue on your site?" — and it takes up many hours of my busy days to write back explaining that the colors have strong roots in my visage and wardrobe — that I thought it would be a whole lot simpler if I just put up a picture. [Surely you jest? —Ed.]

Here is Photograph A ("Sunny Philo"):

Photograph A

And here is Photograph B ("City Philo"):

Photograph B

People who like a little context for their scenery may be interested to know that "City Philo" was taken overlooking the Massachusetts State House, which featured a Red Sox World Champions banner on the day the photo was taken. (Go Sox!) "Sunny Philo" was photographed in front of William Ellery Channing's house on Mt Vernon Street on Beacon Hill.

Now, on to the caption contest: We really need a thought balloon for "City Philo." What is he thinking? (Mrs Philocrites wonders all the time.)

Alternate comment option: As part of our ongoing "Meet the Philocritics" series, tell a story about a photograph of yourself — say, the yearbook photo you've never been able to live down, or the picture that brought true love, or the photo you've gone to great lengths to suppress out of fear of blackmail. On that note: I'm thinking about the picture of my long-haired self at the UUA General Assembly, circa 1995, when members of the Young Adult Caucus used a lot of "product" to sculpt the ol' orange mane into a chalice flame. Oh, the shame!

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Scott Wells:

November 24, 2004 09:10 PM | Permalink for this comment

What? No aerial view?

But if you're going to have a photo of yourself, I need a new one.

Perhaps in civies. Perhaps after I loose thirty pounds.

Jeff Wilson:

November 26, 2004 09:19 AM | Permalink for this comment

"Hmmm, is anyone looking? I can't wait to get out of my mild-mannered secret identity duds and transform into UU-Man! I love fighting evil with my flame-throwing chalice and superhuman theological flexibility that lets me slip out of any tight spot. Oh no, is that my arch-nemesis, Literal Bible-Man?! UU-Man, away!!!"

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