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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Best plane reading ever.

New York Review of MagazinesWhat did I read on the plane from Boston to Salt Lake City last week? (Mrs Philocrites and I were on our way to the General Assembly in Long Beach, with a visit to my family in Utah on the way.) Why, the perfect magazine for a magazine junkie like me: NYRM, the New York Review of Magazines.

Published by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, it revisits Lauren Popper, the Deaniac who was turned into the cover girl for the New York Times Magazine article about the social lives of Howard Dean activists. Also good: "Why We Still Love 'Sassy'"; an article on what the circulation trends of red-state vs. blue-state magazines show (you know, does the drop in National Review's circulation bode ill for the president?); a very funny memo on using the seven deadly sins as content guides; an article on Azizah, a magazine for Muslim women that Mrs Philocrites finds fascinating; "Sex Doesn't Sell," an article on the sexual reticence of gay magazines; "How the Tabloids Scoop the Big Boys"; and an answer to the question, "Wasn't the Guardian going to launch a U.S. magazine?"

But wait! That's not all. There's also a disturbing answer to the question, Should you buy magazines from young people who knock on your door with a clipboard? And, for those of us who put together magazine covers, a very helpful article about the process at Newsweek.

Of course, you can read all this and more on-line, but the print edition is charmingly designed and I for one can vouch for its enduring appeal on a long flight.

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July 1, 2004 12:45 PM | Permalink for this comment

Great article on poor Ms. Popper. I was expecting a heavy leftward slant (New York & Review being in the same title), but instead found a straightforward story peppered with amusing anecdotes about personalities left, right, & middle. It was especially amusing to read about the reactions of Ms. Popper & her compatriots to Ms. Coulter. Laid-back, bemused, a little bewildered. I've earmarked NYRM's site. Thanks.

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