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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Tradition vs. traditionalism.

Jaroslav Pelikan on a vital distinction: "Tradition is the living faith of the dead, traditionalism is the dead faith of the living." (Quoted by Pereginatio.) A much more useful contrast than the benighted past vs. enlightened future that some Unitarian Universalists and other post-traditionalists seem fixed on seeing.

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Allan Svensson:

November 21, 2005 10:32 AM | Permalink for this comment

Restoration of the Body of Christ

I found your Website by Google and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

The most important prayer request for all Christians must now be the restoration of God's temple, the Body of Christ. Nothing on the earth is more important than that the Assembly of God
becomes built up according to the pattern of God's word, so that we all are ready when Jesus comes.

When God was so strictly with that the tabernacle (Exodus 25:9) and the temple of the old covenant became built according to the pattern, so that the workers must get special education through God's Spirit (Exodus 35:30-35, 36:1-2), then he must be still more strictly with the real temple, the Assembly of God. All that the Bible teaches about Assembly of God constitutes the pattern for the Assembly of God.

Revival is a hackneyed word. Many have used this word to gather people around themselves, instead of around Jesus. And people think any revival is not coming. They refer to 2 Thess. 2:3 and tell about the great Apostasy. But this Apostasy has taken place a very long time ago. The entire Christendom was lead astray by false shepherds and preachers, which preached false doctrines. Since then, God's people have been slaves under many denominations and churches. And the great Apostasy is still today continuing. The great Apostasy is NOW!

In the churches they never have preached the truth of the Assembly of God (the pattern). During 90 years the Pentecostal preachers have preached a wrong doctrine about the Assembly of God. God's people must be released from all denominations and churches, the great Babylon. The exodus of God's people from the great Babylon must take place before Jesus comes. Rev. 18:4.

Rev. 18:4-5 is an extremely powerful revival message from the Lord. He commands his people to leave the great Babylon. This must take place before Jesus comes. After Jesus has come, then God's people are home at the Lord, and there is no Babylon.

As in the days of Lot, it is now. Lot was not interested to leave Sodom. God sent two angels to rescue him, and they must persuade him to leave Sodom. When he yet lingered, they took him at his hand and led him out of the city. One of the angels said to him: "Flee for your life sake and do not see you backwards..." Genesis 19:15-17.

Just like as Lot, God's people today is not interested to leave the great Babylon. They are spiritual to sleep and do not want to be disturbed. They do not know that their churches and denominations are founded on false doctrines, and are false copies of the Assembly of God. They do not know in what they are members.

"If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin." 1 John 1:7. But most of those who profess them are Christians do not walk in the light. They are walking in the darkness of the church, and are averse to light. They have a sort love and fellowship that does not endure the light.

Have you really struggled in prayer before the Lord to find the truth about the assembly, the Body of Christ? This has been my continuing prayer request during more than 40 years. What I have written about churches and denominations and about the Assembly of God, it is a study of the Bible and answers to prayers, and not criticism.

Very few Christians have obeyed this revival message of the Lord, and left the great Babylon. Before Jesus comes all Christians must obey this command of the Lord. Otherwise God will judge them as partakers in the sins of the great harlot, and they must share her plagues.

Welcome to visit my Site.

What is Living Faith?
None be saved by law-deeds, Gal. 2:16,
and none be saved without faith-deeds. Matt. 7:21-23.

Is America Babylon the Great

God's Law and God's Gospel

What is a revival? How does a revival rise?

The Body of Christ, the most valuable that exists on the earth,
but the people lack knowledge

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

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