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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Like the phoenix, ConCon rises again.

That would be the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention, looking for ways to slap the Supreme Judicial Court for hurrying us along to same-sex marriage. (My fingers are crossed for a lot of hot air and gnashing of teeth and even a moving speech or two, followed by a lot of close votes, followed by a recessed convention and no decision. Voila! Marriage licenses will be available to any couple on May 17, and legislators can still claim to have voted the conflicted will of the people. But I'm not going to bet money on that outcome.) And who better to help us watch the ConCon phoenix rise from the ashes of its inconclusive February deliberations than the Boston Phoenix, which has assembled a fine page of resources.

The only problem is that many of the articles on the page are really old — though they're not dated — and the paper's coverage since the February convention seems to be missing. Never mind. I've retrieved the ones I've found most helpful from the depths of Google: Kristen Lombardi's guide to anti-gay zealots (2.12.04) and Kristen Lombardi's more recent guide to Christian opponents of gay marriage (2.26.04). Hmm . . . But Lombardi also gives a good preview of what to expect at this week's convention. I'm expecting a snowstorm and a media blizzard right outside my office.

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