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Friday, October 24, 2003

Daily Kos and religious liberals.

A great, lively, productive discussion today over at one of the premier liberal Web sites, Daily Kos, about the ways secular liberals and religious liberals often fail to work together effectively. The site's guest editor, Melanie, writes:

Secular liberals, you need to get a clue:  there are lots of deeply religious people out here who reliably pull the lever in the voting booth for the straight D ticket.  We are Christian evangelicals and Main Line Protestants and Catholics like me, from the Dorothy Day-Peter Maurin-Oscar Romero wing of the Church.  We are Jews and Muslims and Sikhs and Buddhists and Jains, pagans, Hindus and, yes, by God, there are even Zoroastrian Democrats in this country.  When you make light of religion, you wound a part of us which is very important to us.  Making light .... hmm, that's very diplomatic, which I rarely am.  What we usually get are outright insults.

My comments are here.

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