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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Monthly report.

It took some doing, but all my old Blogger posts have now been properly formatted and "published" here on the new and improved Movable Type incarnation of Philocrites. That means two things: the site's search engine is up and running, and I'll be taking down the redundant Blogger archives soon. I'm gradually incorporating the pre-blog pages into Movable Type (all the stuff I posted before January 2003), so that material will gradually be available for searches and sorting over the next month or so.

As for September's statistics . . .

Traffic report.

Switching servers at the beginning of September has opened up all new sorts of statistical horizons for Philocrites — and obscured a few I used to rely on. I'm intrigued to learn that visitors from 32 countries visited the site this month, for example. The top ten (excluding the U.S.): France, Canada, Denmark (thanks, Ole!), Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Japan, Israel, and Poland. But Philocrites also had visitors from South Africa, Mexico, Qatar, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Greece, and Syria! Hmm.

Top Google phrases this month: "Eli Pariser" (here, here, here, here, or here), "Paula Frederiksen Passion" (here), "plagiarism Fard Muhammad" (huh?), "Guugle" (here), "Hutton Gibson" (here), "biblical Unitarian" (here and maybe here), "Kimberly Devlin" (here and here), "puritan characteristics" (here), "symbol of God" (here), "Chris Hedges" (here and here), and "Paula Frederiksen" (hey! we covered that already — here!). Thanks for all the traffic, Mel.

I've also decided to inaugurate a new form of poetry, made of the most frequent words used in Google searches, in order (excluding a few superfluous words like "the"):

And God on to a new Weber.
Eli Pariser, Frederiksen, Unitarian Gibson —
religion, John: sermon, Paula —
in symbol, disenchantment, passion.
(Dewey marriage.)

Figuring out just how much traffic has come to the site is proving hard, though: My server reports 1678 daily unique visitors and 3056 visits, which clearly includes a lot of pages that aren't the main blog index or the old Blogger archives. SiteMeter reports 1393 visits to the blog pages this month; AddFreeStats says 1530 visits and 1183 daily unique visitors. The weekly stats show traffic growing slowly but surely.

Thanks, everybody!

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