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Thursday, April 17, 2003

The next antiwar.

Sarah Ferguson, writing for the Mother Jones Web site, says:

[F]ollowing last week's footage of jubilant Iraqis cheering the downfall of Saddam Hussein, antiwar campaigners concede that their universal plea — "US out of Iraq!" — has become more difficult for the American public to hear.

Um, one reason for this disconnect might be that the United States now has an obligation to get Iraq back into some semblance of order, as the more sane branches of the antiwar movement recognize. Calling for a withdrawal now is calling for total anarchy and full-scale civil war.'s Wünderkind Eli Pariser has the right idea, though:

Pariser says his group isn't ready to back any specific candidate, and cautions the peace camp against squandering its potential influence in pursuit of ideological purity. The real goal, he says, has to be voting Bush out.

I like the voter registration drive idea on

Let's say that two million Americans participated in some way in protests against the war (there's no way of knowing, but we think this is a conservative estimate). Say each of them commits to registering one new voter every month between now and Election Day 2004. That would yield 36 million new voters registered for peace.

Now that's what democracy looks like.

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