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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Hawks and tough doves.

"The neo-cons want to frighten the bad guys in rogue states by demonstrating U.S. power and resolve," writes Ronald Brownstein in yesterday's Los Angeles Times. But these conservative hawks aren't the only ones who want to disarm Saddam Hussein. "The tough doves want to unify the civilized world against emerging dangers by demonstrating the value of what [Tony] Blair has memorably called 'a new doctrine of international community.'" At stake is something much larger than whether the U.S. goes to war with Iraq: "The two camps are seeking to establish in Iraq very different precedents for how the world deals with new threats in the age of global terrorism."

The new New Republic.

What a spiffy redesign! The magazine's "Liberalism and American Power" issue is a must-read for tough doves — for anyone, actually, who is serious about America's role in the world. I'll have more to say about the contents as I have time to digest them, but right off the bat I'd say Paul Berman and Samantha Power are good places to start. (Since I'm a subscriber, I'm enjoying the whole magazine on-line, though their server seems awfully sluggish; you may need to become a subscriber, too.)

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