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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Away til next week.

I'll be in Washington DC for the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship conference, Revival 2003, tomorrow through Sunday. I won't be posting again until next week.

In the meantime, check out Ship of Fools, the cheeky British religious Web site, which is gearing up to launch The Ark.

"The Ark is an internet reality gameshow, set on the world's most famous floating zoo," says Simon Jenkins, editor of, creators of The Ark. "We're looking for 12 contestants from around the globe to take the craziest voyage of their lives. In the comfort of their own homes, our chosen 12 will spend time every day playing a Bible celeb of their choice on a 3D cyberark — while the world looks on."

Just think: You may not be hot, you may not be a millionaire — you may not even be a $19,000-a-year construction worker — but you could play Samson or Jezebel on the Web! Also check out Ship of Fools' "Gadgets for God." Whose says religion can't be fun — or at least silly? (They also offer a biblical curse generator, always helpful when you have some smiting to do.)

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