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Monday, March 10, 2003

Did Lysistrata wear pink, too?

Katha Pollitt gets a kick out of the latest antiwar art — a revival of Aristophanes' ancient comedy Lysistrata — but she observes: "Like Code Pink, the semiparodic, all-women antiwar group that is conducting a vigil at the White House and demonstrates in garden hats and feather boas, Lysistrata plays on some very old stereotypes. Both say men are violent and women are peaceful, men love guns and women love children, and propose that men messed up the world and women can fix it. . . [But] women don't live in a separate domestic sphere anymore. We don't need to use our children to claim the right to speak up. . . For progressive women, in 2003, to fall back on the ideology of woman-as-peaceful-outsider rings as false as Phyllis Schlafly pretending to be a housewife." Not only that: This time around, women will actually be fighting the war. (And, in case you missed it, here are Unitarian Universalists in pink.)

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