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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Whatever happened to the Sabbath?

A great Boston Globe Ideas section today. James Ryerson writes that "an individual can take a vacation, but it takes a society to create a holiday." He has more on the 40-hour work week, the French Revolution's attempt to make the week 10 days long, and Jones v. German Insurance Co. (1899), which you definitely want to know about. Also this week:

The case of the disappearing case.

Thomas Powers writes about those disturbingly still-missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq: "[I]nternational law accepts only a very narrow range of justifications for war, and chief among them is the threat posed by weapons and armies. An admission that the United States went to war for reasons having nothing to do with Saddam Hussein's weapons, or the threat he might use them, would be close to a confession that the invasion of Iraq was illegal under international law—something bound to cause President Bush personally, and the United States generally, real trouble for years to come."

Can you forecast genocide?

Barbara Harff has idenitified six indicators for an outbreak of mass slaughter — but James Fearson and David Laitin boil it all down to low per capita income. Christopher Shea explains.

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