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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Best sermon contest!

These three sermons each won $10,000 in the first annual Richard Borden Sermon Contest for excellence in Unitarian Universalist sermon-writing. Congratulations! So now I feel inspired — not to write a sermon, but to enlist you, gentle readers, in a quest for other outstanding examples of liberal sermonizing. Put Google (or Inktomi) to good use and see what comes up. It's the first-ever Philocrites Treasure Hunt!

Philocrites can't offer a cash prize — although I wouldn't mind finding something that deserves a spot in a certain magazine — but the contest offers something even better: something to read while skipping all those Summer Forums. (Unitarians, after all, are said to be the only people God trusts enough to give the summer off — so what are they doing sitting in church talking about the Sierra Club? Give me a hymn-sandwich, thank you very much, but with air conditioning. That's all I ask.)

Here's the deal: Find an especially well-written sermon originally delivered in a Unitarian Universalist or independent liberal church or to a UU audience. Send me a link, tell me what you liked best about it, and how you'd like to be identified as the nominator. (Initials, one name only, or even pseudonyms work for me. I won't blow your cover!) The only limitations are: Don't nominate yourself and don't nominate me. (Flattery will get you nowhere, but feel free to read 'em.) Nominate as many sermons as you like, but each one has to be excellent.

There's no deadline, so if you don't find a great sermon until midway into the World Series, that's okay: send it in. I'll keep you updated. Start your search engines!

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