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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Sermon contest entry!

You've read the rules for our summer-long quest for great Unitarian Universalist sermons. Now read the first entry: "Life Drawing Lessons" by the Rev. Mark Belletini, preached Oct. 14, 2001, to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio. Here's a line from the sermon:

[A]nything that helps you to see the world clearly and nakedly, to respond to the world with the fullness of your being, to struggle to understand all things accurately in their interdependence, is devotion, as basic a need as food and water.

The anonymous nominator writes about the sermon: "I don't exactly know why I love it so much. I guess because it's personal and yet it applies to so many of us. It gives us permission to take care of our souls. And the language and stories are beautiful and poetic." Check out Belletini's other sermons, too — and if you find one that you think is exceptional and well-written, nominate it! Who's next?

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