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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Expanding uniuniverse.

A bit of a boom in the Unitarian Universalist blogosphere: Tom Schade sets up shop at Prophet Motive and has answered my first request before I had a chance to type it out — he has posted the full text of his provocative paper, "The present moment: The crisis in the political theology of liberal religion", an excerpt of which appeared earlier this summer in the UU Voice.

And more seminarians are taking to the blogosphere: James Estes heads off to school next week and invites us along at The Aerie; and Heather Janules picks another good seminary name at The Chrysalis.

Lest you think blogging only offers rewards to those of us who want a soapbox, one district president has embraced blogging as a professional leadership tool, and Sheldon Bennett is blogging to his congregation while on sabbatical.

Oh, in case you missed it: We're hosting a sermon contest here at Philocrites! There are only two more weeks of summer — so submit your entries right away.

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