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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Globe religion reporter launches Articles of Faith blog.

At long last, Boston Globe religion reporter Michael Paulson has launched a blog about religion in the Boston area. Two years ago I had noticed that had retooled Paulson's April 2005 blog about the selection of a new pope into an all-purpose religion blog, and added it expectantly to my July '06 list of favorite religion blogs, but no new content appeared there until this month. Check out the new Articles of Faith.

Reflecting the general absence of Unitarian Universalism-related news in the Boston area, despite the many UU churches, three districts, several service agencies, and denominational headquarters in the area, Paulson doesn't offer links to UU blogs or news — unless you count Beauty Tips for Ministers, which Paulson profiled last year — but then again, he only offers links to two Episcopal blogs and one Evangelical one. Despite all that, I'm still a fan.

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