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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This week at Sunday schools past.

But before I get to this week's stories, an announcement that has added a new homepage for its slowly growing roster of blogs. Unitarian Universalists in the Media has been calling attention to news stories about Unitarian Universalists and their congregations ever since went live. And now UU blogger Shelby Meyerhoff (who also writes at Looking for Faith and Street Prophets) is monitoring the UU blogosphere for's weekly roundup of buzz at The Interdependent Web. (Each June, the magazine dusts off its General Assembly Blog for daily coverage of the UUA's annual meeting.) Each page at now has a spiffy purple Blogs button right along with the Spirit, Ideas, Life, and News buttons in the main navigation, so you can easily find them. Enjoy!

This week, Kimberly French looks back at two centuries of Unitarian and Universalist religious education for children. Did you know that a Unitarian church launched the first congregational Sunday school in America? (From the archives: I profiled Sophia Lyon Fahs, who modernized Unitarian religious education in the 1930s and '40s.)

Today is the anniversary of the death of James Reeb, the Unitarian minister who was murdered in Selma, Alabama, during the 1965 civil rights campaign. Back in 2000, the UUA and UU World tracked down a recording of Martin Luther King Jr's eulogy for Reeb, and the magazine published it for the first time in 2001. Read King's eulogy and the other stories about Unitarian Universalist engagement with the Selma campaign.

In the news this week, Jane Greer profiles a California UU community minister who produces a public-access TV show as part of her mental health ministry.

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