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Monday, August 20, 2007

This week at A loved one fades away.

In her moving essay about love and acceptance, Kathleen McTigue writes about her father-in-law's dementia:

It's like watching someone we love sailing off in a little boat on a very still lake, slowly gliding away and away, alone, while we stand on the shore and wave farewell. The movement toward the horizon is relentless but incremental, the waving and the ache of saying goodbye seem endless.

In the news, Michelle Bates Deakin profiles Debra Haffner, the UU sexologist who challenged Fox News's Bill O'Reilly over his opposition to comprehensive sexuality education. Don Skinner reports on the congregational challenges the New Orleans-area North Shore UU Society has weathered in the two years since Hurricane Katrina hit; small-group ministry, says one member, has been the "spiritual glue" that held the church together. And Sonja Cohen reports on Unitarian Universalists in the media.

The Fall 2007 issue of the quarterly UU World magazine is in the mail. Browse the contents online! Members of UUA-affiliated congregations receive a subscription as a benefit of membership; others may subscribe for only $14 a year.

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