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Monday, July 9, 2007

This week at Your life story.

Marshall Hawkins writes that most of us spend so much of our time writing the stories of our lives that we forget to take time to read them. But it's in reflection, he says, that we find and make meaning.

In the news, Don Skinner writes that seven UU congregations took part in Florida's largest gay pride festival, making Unitarian Universalism the most prominent faith community at the event, according to Manish Mishra, minister of the UU Church of Saint Petersburg. Jane Greer reports that 90 percent of the members of the Unitarian Church of Staten Island, N.Y., doubled or tripled their financial pledges in response to a "high-five" challenge.

Last week's edition of Unitarian Universalists in the Media is finally available after a weeklong technical glitch, with a roundup of stories about the General Assembly. Expect a fresh edition of the news blog at the end of this week.

P.S. One of last week's stories, Barbara Merritt's "Excess Baggage," climbed the charts at the "social news" site Reddit yesterday, bringing thousands of new visitors to the magazine. The story reached #11 late Sunday afternoon. (Here's the Reddit discussion forum about the article.) Do you use social news sites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, or Newsvine? Thanks to Reddit user and reader bertrand, who recommended the story, something like 10,000 new visitors came by yesterday. How cool!

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