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Monday, May 14, 2007

An entire week celebrating UU earnestness...

Through mockery! Yes, Chutney has announced a week of snark — and already the UU bloggers are mauling the particularly annoying UU habit of bah-humbugging holidays: Lizard Eater channels the censor and Kinsi rants about the Hallmark Holiday Syndrome. (Say, when will Hallmark make cards for bloggers? "Thanks for the smackdown!" "Wishing your stylesheet a full recovery." "Yr blog is teh bomb." "Friend me, please!")

In other diversions, PeaceBang is bored of online acronyms like LOL. She proposes MMHLIT and GGNC and invites your novel abbreviations. (I will kick myself later for encouraging this.) And Chalicechick explains — and diagrams! — the rules of "Wink," the rowdy game beloved by several generations of youth groups. Find more blog rowdiness via UUpdates.

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