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Sunday, November 26, 2006

From bleacher to pew and back again.

Many families have a hard time balancing church with sports schedules. But how does the balancing act play out in the family of the minister — especially when the minister's wife is a sports junkie who has no personal interest in religion? That's the oh-these-modern-times question a column takes up in this week's Boston Globe Magazine — and halfway through it, I realized it was about the family of the wonderful priest who solemnized my marriage. (Small world.)

Mrs Philocrites and I are unlikely to face this particular conundrum because we both come down on the pew side of this cultural divide. And any athletic prowess any future Philo Jr might show will not, I'm sorry to say, be attributable to heredity.

If you're a parent feeling overwhelmed by your kids' schedules, consider contacting Putting Family First, one of the organizations promoted by family scholar (and Unitarian Universalist) William J. Doherty.

("Play-by-pray," Polly Ingraham, Boston Globe Magazine 11.26.06, reg req'd; "What family time?" David Whitford, UU World Nov/Dec 2003)

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