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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The season of church picnics is upon me.

I've been busy lately with celebrations: A dear friend who started at Harvard Divinity School with me back in 1996 picked up his PhD in theology from Harvard this week. (We were roommates for four years; he was a groomsman at my wedding.) Another friend and roommate — a German political philosopher who convinced the two of us to join him on a three-week cross-country road trip the Monday after I received my MDiv — came to town with his wife for the occasion, and they stayed at Casa Philocrites for the week. (Mrs P and I had attended their church wedding in Germany during our European vacation last summer.) So various reunions with too-rarely seen friends took up most of my non-work time this past week. What a joy!

And then there are the church picnics. Today we celebrated the retirement of the beloved priest at Mrs Philocrites' sponsoring parish in Cambridge. Due to the rain, of course, it was an indoor picnic, but with music by a steel-drum band from St Cyprian's Church in Boston, it still felt a bit like summer. Tomorrow Mrs P is preaching on the final Sunday of the church school year at the suburban parish where she directs the ministries for children and families, and an all-church picnic will follow. She has announced that she is leaving her position after three years, so there will also be farewells. I'm fond of the people in both communities, but we're still talking a lot of church picnics.

On top of all this celebrating, my responsibilities at work continue to expand — and with the General Assembly looming, I can see that blogging may be erratic at best. There are so many topics I'd love to formulate a complete thought about, but who knows when I'll find the time? I like the way readers are engaging with each other in the comments on topics only tangentially related to whatever it is I've written, so please do keep that up.

I will post more about General Assembly events soon, and I'll keep highlighting contents, but you may not get much more than that over the next few weeks. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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