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Monday, March 20, 2006

Catholicism's Episcopal Church growth program.

My favorite letter to the editor so far in response to the Archdiocese of Boston's decision to stop all adoptions rather than serve a tiny fraction of same-sex couples is from Susan Beale (it's number 4):

Things were so much easier in the '60s. Back then, when my parents were looking to adopt, Catholic Charities could simply send a short rejection letter, like the one my parents received, explaining that it was not the organization's policy to place children in "mixed marriages." (Dad is Episcopalian.) My parents went to Child and Family Services, which, thankfully, my brother and I can say, had no such qualms. Forty years later, I'm pleased to announce that our family is no longer mixed. Today we're all Episcopalians.

A good reminder that for most its history, Catholic Charities' adoption work was inherently discriminatory; its little foray into nondiscrimination in the last 20 years is atypical. Meanwhile, here's a great place to learn more about the Episcopal Church.

(Letter to the editor, Boston Globe 3.19.06, reg req'd)

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